DWIII - 2D - fluxen - Psionic Bomb


This is my first sketch of an Invoker. She will be a darkness/void magic user. She channels energy from the artifact and creates a huge explosion like a bomb. Her health and life diminishes every time she does this, but she chose to sacrifice her life for the better good.

I still need to incorporate the artifact object. I’ll also try to make her look sickly and maybe skinnier to show her abuse of the artifact’s immense energy. I’m not entirely happy with the head gear so I’ll try some more variations.


Hey, this is looking very promising!
I love this kind of design and the concept is also very appealing!
Keep on going!


Incredible concept you have going, keep up the wonderful work.


Thanks for the support guys. Good luck to you as well. Here’s another update with some sketches I did at lunch. I really liked it’s direction so I fleshed it out some more. I was focusing on the sickly/frail idea and the lines and shapes became more alien-like. Now I really want to balance elegance with grotesque.


I really like the direction your going with this, will keep my eye on this thread. Good luck.


Some great stuff in here! I love the face on the last one, along with the body and the movement. I can’t wait to see the rest!


great concepts so far! I’ll be watching


Neat concepts so far! I like the detailing in her headpiece and wings. The little weels growing out of teh side of her legs don’t look very practical, but they do provide a really interesting silhouette, so I knofd of like them. Good luck in developing this!


best concept what i see on DW3 … wanna this magic grass :wink:


very sexy concept.

i’ll follow your thread.



Your stuff rocks.

This one will rock too, I’m sure of it. D@mn! :thumbsup:


The one with the wings is really good. I would like to see this one more developed.


freeking nice…everething!:eek:
keep thaat up…


Totally awesome! I’m completely in love with the last one. the head and wings rocks! i feel that the boots could use some of that demon skin. Just the last section i think :smiley:


please update the winged thing :bounce: :wip:


Hi again. Been busy at work so I wasn’t able to do too much but here is a bit of progress. Thank you for the critique. I agree the leg should have more alien/demon armor.

Here I was experimenting with the face being exposed. I wanted her to show more emotion.

Here are some weapon silhouette studies. I want to incorporate a sphere and ancient symbols.

Here is little bit more detail and new face. Also thinking about contrast.

Some color on the image.


aww… i dont like the face, number 2 was perfect,
artifact 1 and 4 are my favs


Cool design~! I might need to agree that the face with the mask seems a bit more unique, maybe it’s just me, it’s more hardcore type asskickin girl, with the pretty face expose, she seems more like a dark princess/queen/fairy? but hell both of them kicks ass, keep it up dude, love ur loose style~! :smiley:


Really good I liked the colored version the face is so good and waiting to see more good luck:wise:


Looking really nice man. I prefered the face number 1 though. I think you could have something nice going on, on her forehead.

The artifact 3 and 4 are my favourite.