DWIII - 2D - creaturerevenge - [TBA]


Updates to come! This is my first time competeing in this competition although I did watch it pretty closely last year. I’m really excited to be a part of it this year and look forward to seeing all the hard work everyone always put into it! Good luck everyone!



So I set to thinking about the topic and storyline this year and it put some interesting thoughts into my head. One of the first things that came to mind was that to me it almost sounded like a second medieval period. I thought about how that period was void of computer and even most mechanical technology. A lot of the world was fueled by religious beliefs which lead to the crusades. So I figured a warrior of this time might share some traits in common with the crusaders of the past. Though scriptures and artifact that are considered holy by them might look a bit different then those of the past. The scriptures of the future might be our books or even newspapers. Rather then telling the story of god raining frogs down on people, the documents might tell stories more of fire falling from the sky during terrorist attacks and great wars of epic size that took place the whole world over. These would be the legends of a distant future. So i began gathering reference images of the knights of the past and figured it might work as a nice base to bring a more post-apocalyptic look and feel too. Sort of a “Boy and His Dog” or “Road Warrior” meets Joan of Arc kind of theme.

More to come!



So I’ve begun to rough out my main character design. I wanted to do a nice blend of a classic style from the middle ages with a touch of post-apocalyptic future. I wanted to give her a semi-feminine face but with some tougher attributes too it. I feel fairly comfortable that I layed a decent foundation for that. I am not however overly happy with the over all general armor design. To me it has too much of an old world feel to it and not enough unique flare. I think my next main goal is to put her aside for a bit and work on her ride. I plan to mount her atop a large behemoth that she rides. I’m hoping that by working on that and then returning to her that I will get a fresh idea about her appearance. If anyone has any comment or thoughts please let me know! I would love some feedback and criticism! Thanks!


So I walked away from my main character for a little while and came back to it with a fresh look. I also did a little more research on the crusades and watched a stack of movies to spark some thoughts. I decided to get away from the stark plain nothing-but-metal design and went with more of a fabric based design. This gave a bit more visual complexity and interest to the design i felt. I think it’s getting to the point where I am happy with the basic underlaying design and I’m almost to the point where I want to start blocking in some basic shading before I take it to get some secondary professional opinions on it. Again and comments or segguestions are welcome and appreciated! Thanks!


I like what you got so far man. I agree with what you say, I think she needs a little uniqe flair to her design though. Something to make her stand out in a crowd. Sounds like an interesting take on the war. What tpye of weapon do you plan on giving her? Are her powers some how linked to the scriptures?


I think I’m gonna have her main weapon be a fairly simple sword. I have a lot of ideas about the character and her origins and her items, but a lot of it is a bit much to try and depict in a single picture. So I think I’m going to keep it simple and just make her a simple healer and she wears a gauntlet that contains her healing abilities. I doubt the scriptures are going to play into it. I also wanted to have the handle and hilt of her sword be forged out of the holy grail but how do you illustrate that without it just looking like a gold sword handle? In terms of dressing her up a bit and giving her a unique look I sketched this up today while I was sitting in a casting session. I think it is starting to head more into a good direction. It’s not the most interesting pose but i think it gets the idea across. Let me know what you think! Thanks!


It’s been a little while since I posted anything. Having to do real work for a change sucks! I think I finally got the characters design to a point that I’m happy with. I’m not completely sold on her boot design yet but I feel its on its way at least. I went a slightly different route then just a plain old knight type of look and went a bit more to the fantasy side. I gave her a wing that looks as if it was hand crafted (cause it was) from leather, bird feathers, and ancient parchment from holy scriptures. I figured if she views herself as a sort of messenger from god or a savior that she might make an attempt to even LOOK like one. The boots appear to be a little heavy and just plain thick to me so I might refine them more as I work, but I think its come together nicely. Any comments or feedback is appreciated! Thanks!


Well it’s been a while since I’ve updated my work on here so I figured it was probably time. I finished my design and polished up my model sheet. I decided to go with a bald look rather then giving her any hair. I thought it was a little more defining and while I was at it I went ahead and gave her a tattoo on the back of her head.


She has definitely come a long way. I really like the guantlet. She is a much more diverse charactor, with a lot to look at. Kinda would like to see her modeled in 3D. Not much else to say except looking forward to the final image.


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