DWIII - 2D - Bluefley - WIP


Final Concept:

Type: Invoker
Artifact: Mask - rock/earth type

How this works?

She normally wears the mask on her face, she controls the earth element so she can modify her surroundings at will, raise spikes of rock, create massive earthquakes, skulpt any rock into a deadly weapon, etc.

When the battlefield becomes a little to messy for her barefeet, she takes her mask off, throw it wherever, and a giant rock summon come out of the ground where the mask fell. It then deforms into a bigger mask to fit the Invokers mount’s face. She uses this minion to destroy the enemies, on which it feeds, and as a higher ground to better anihilate them with her invoking spells. At the same time, it keeps her out of harm’s reach.

Pure genius.


Alright, here is a color test for the final image, and the ortho sheet with the main character, Syu, done. All that’s left now is the tiny rock pet. Crits and comments welcome!

newest on top:



totally awesome, i love the concept so far as well!


YEssai!NIce sketches, and cool background story!!!Keep m coming :P.


Looks solid mate :slight_smile:



Very cool concept.


thanks guys, more coming at lunch break today!!




I like the idea of the skulls, this should be a fun one to watch.


nice concept! love the colors you use(looked at ur portfolio as well)

if those 2 artifacts dies she might need something sharp to protect herself with? guess it’s to early to give suggestions like that though… so I’ll be following.

have fun!


I like your technique…nice nice… Keep the cool stuff comin!!

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Awesome! I will be watching your character develop, looking forward to more updates. Cheers


Great idea and design. I’ll be watching this thread, Keep it up.


great! This is one contest made for you! :slight_smile:


really interesting… like your first concept!


Quite simply beautiful! Sounds and looks like a really good concept :slight_smile:


nice concept for sure…Looking forward to the progress


as always cool concepts from you! :slight_smile: i’ll keep an eye on this thread. Wish you luck! :thumbsup:


That is a great sounding character concept, I like it.


Great concept so far, she’s very appealing and unique. All the Best :wink:


some more lunch break doodles! trying to find a shape that looks powerfull, while still beeing feminine. Now I guess she could be a lil over 10ft tall? Next step is to include her minions in there, making them at least double her height, more to come soon!