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Hi everyone. I’m really busy with my job right now, but my friend Red Glass talked me into joining up on this Dominance War. I hope that I can put in as much effort as everyone else.

A lot of people are participating, so I’m concerened with overlap. I tried to look through a lot of threads, but if you see something very similar about my design to someone elses, please tell me. I want to contribute more original ideas. Thanks!

So what I have in mind is a kid, possibly a little girl or a feminine little boy who is surrounded by birds whom she keeps as pets. She has a grasp of magic in that she can manipulate the feathers of these living creatures in any way she wishes and in turn rules over the creatures themselves. For example, she can fly by having them carry her, she can throw the feathers as knives or she can move a bird into the middle of a crowd and explode if like a grenade of shrapnel feathers. She cannot see through the bird’s eyes, she can’t turn into a bird, she can only manipulate their down for some reason. Concept art on the way.

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Sounds interesting! Looking forward to seeing your sketches. :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks a lot Blunt Pencil! I’m in Japan, so my posts are probably going to be some time at night where you are. Thanks for waiting. Here is just a general sketch for the character:

I read over the guidlines section again and decided I would give her this metal guantlet. The motivation behind it is that she’s not stupid and feathers aren’t going to save her life against mechanical behemoths, so she aquired this air/lightning elemental arm. It isn’t so much for offense as it is for defense to protect against blows, bullets, etc. As she is the most articulate manipulating this particular breed of fowl’s feathers, she would probably choose to suffocate or clog the inner workings of a creature by engorging it with a cloud of down. However, with the lightning fast speed of her metal guantlet, she could tear out a pivotol cord/windpipe for a kill if need be. The fact still remains that she is a stalker and isn’t made for killing.

Also, she has a sort of love hate relationship with these birds. They don’t like her and she doesn’t like them, but she needs to keep them nearby and nurture them to the extent that she can always have a constantly supply of ammunition. In the past she’s had run ins with them. Maybe she was skinning them, maybe she was preparing one for a meal, but somewhere along the way, one took her right eye. Not to mention that on several occasions, these birds will tear at her flesh or pull her hair for a nest. She’s outfitted herself to not only protect from enemies, but from these infernal birds as well. She didn’t choose her ability, it was cast on her and she’s learned to live with it. Her domanance over these creatures is her personal Domanance War.


Suggestions are welcome! If something is peeving you, I would really like to hear what it is. If something is really working for you, I’ll push it further. Thank you for your time.

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I’m way behind, so I’ll try my best to accommodate changes, but I need to begin on the initial mesh and turn arounds. I should be around for the next three hours, otherwise I’ll miss the train.


Sorry these are so loose, but I had to get cracking on the 3D.


Wow in Japan huh? It’s morning there I presume so Ohayoo! I like the concept and you’re right feathers can’t save her from terrifying machines. Her outfit seems kinda weighty for an air/lightning type with the scarf, etc. But I’m diggin the concept and can’t wait to see where you take it.


Hey man, I’m liking where this is going so far, some of the abilities your describing could allow for some great dynamic posing (which I think is what will make this visualy shine), and I enjoy the subtle hints of birdness in her attire.

I’d like to see some more concepts on the birds themselves. I don’t know why (I think it has to do with all of your mention of their down related abilities) but I imagine them to be very feathery or poofy and cute, which would contrast well with Bardesse’s rather haggard look.

I think something needs to be done about her scarf though. It’s a tough call, she needs it to protect her face from flying down and her birds pecking at her, but it robs her of alot of her character and feels very suffocating/claustrophobic. Maybe making it lighter or gauzier would be good? Some kind of salvaged flight mask (like from a downed pre-apoc airplane)?

The gauntlet also needs to be more distinct, currently it feels tacked on in the ‘ah shit I need an artifact to make my character design fit the contest’ sort of way. I am admittedly having the same issue. It needs to look more distinct (currently it’s hard to know that it exists unless it’s pointed out to you) and be further integrated into the function/look of the character.

It’s good to see you here though! Good luck with getting your mesh started. I’m still concepting and rounding out as well.


I’d like to see more art with the birds, I like the idea a lot. The overall concept sounds pretty cool.


Sorry, very busy day at work today, so only text for this post for now. After Red Glass and other’s suggestions, I’ve decided to do a major change with Bardeese’s artifact. I thought about it a lot, did some sketches, and this is what I came up with. (I’m liking the idea)

In aid of the loss of her eye and to the benefit of her stealth and information gathering, her artifact is a false eye that is linked to a beak-like gauntlet she carries in her right hand. Think less Vincent Valentine hand, like I have above, and think of a drill bit looking thing with a single pivot, which is the handle, and opens like a beak. When the “beak” is opened, it exposes and eye that projects a signal back to her false eye. With this device, she can send a mass of feathers carrying the “beak” to any location to spy with. It’s not for offense, maybe some defense, but ALL reconnaissance. Not to mention that she could potentially make a second self of down and use the artifact to navigate the mass without her having to be nearby.

I’ll have pictures for you soon, along with pictures of the birds. Thank you for your input and your patience!


Sorry guys, I have to be realistic about this. After two huge meetings this week, and three trips to Tokyo, Nara and Kyoto next week, I can’t realistically see myself being able to do my normal maps to the extent that I want to take them. However I can work in 2D on my tablet when I’m riding the shinkansen, so I’ve decided to switch to 2D.

I’m sure a lot of people participating in this can relate that when you have a job and bosses and clients are breathing down your neck for deliverables, you can’t spend a lot of the work day on your own stuff.

So, 2D is better than nothing and my undergrad was in Illustration, so might as well give it a try. Thanks.

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looks interesting! so same thread for 2D? (you can request rename). painting on the shinkansen sounds capital! :3 good luck with finding time!
(btw: your avatar rocks :))


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