DWIII - 2D - AlexNovo - Ill Fatum


Thank you Ferx!!!


Hey, Alex!
Cann’t wait till the color version is on!
Your have bought awesome boots for your guy,
and spurs I think we found at the same warehouse :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Alex, only kidding, but where is that final colour image, the tone/value painting is great, the pose is cool, just want to see the money shot. thanks for all the help with my efforts too. I salute you with a virtual beer!


Hi guys and thank you all for you great words to my address!
Btw, i’m almost done with final illustration. I have done already with concept sheet and modeling sheet and upload them into entry in DW3 site. I will post all 3 images here later when will finally done illustration.

here is in color, i still have some time tommorow so i want to hear your crit to imporve it finally for i can make changes tommorow! I wanted to do them grinning, but had remembered that he has darned mouth! Thanks !


Excellent colorization :applause: Congrats.


Hi Guys, here is my final images:) It was my first experience in developing character with full process of their development. I know i still have many mistake but will improve my skills with time:)


congrats with final and
good luck amigo


Thank you pal! same to you!


Hey Alex, really really cool and original concept, love the design and the final pose is totally cool, with a very unique touch, great! Congrats for your final image!! and the best of luck for you :slight_smile: For sure now is time for a very well deserved beers and some tequila shots !! Cheers!! :beer:


haha sick dude! way to go!


Thanks guys! Beers already have been load into me:)))


I like the color on this one. Good character design too. Good luck to you.


jttruong85 - thank you pal!


Thats a great concept and character developement! Very glad to see more dark art concepts in this games! Cingratulation, the values in the concept sheet and modeling sheet look great! and so the final one those colors are well done!:thumbsup:


Thanks Axel!!! I glad to hear hot words from you!
Was looking at your thread yesterday, you made great work too! Especially i like your color combinations and ideas for creature! Good luck pal!


Interesting idea on the wings, that’s original :slight_smile:

Now that this war is over, a toast to the next!!


Thank you pal!
Right, to the DW4!!:buttrock::beer:


Glad you finished! I’ve enjoyed watching your character since the start! Turned out fairly well I think. Good Luck! And yeah, everybody has to comeback next year for DW4!!! It’s a requirement or we execute you for deserter! jk:scream:


Thank you pal!
I’m in rows in next year for sure:)


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