Dwarven Adventure


Thanks for the replies everyone. Ive attached a render with the hair visible. Like I said earlier I am planning on creating dynamic hair and not geometry hair so this is just stand in geometry but hopefully it gives you an idea of where I am going.
As far as the character himself, he is essentially an adventurer/treasure hunter. Without giving to much away, the animation has him out in the wilderness searching for treasure but in the end he realizes that isn’t what he needs after all.
I wanted to stick with more of a simplified style and not get to realistic with it. Age wise, he isn’t supposed to look young, more like mid 30s or so, not old and wise but not so young and in experienced either. I wanted him to be shorter in proportion and have an almost overwhelming backpack on his back. I guess I made him a dwarf because they are typically shorter and what dwarf doesn’t love searching for treasure! I hope this helps to explain my direction a bit more. If anyone has any ideas feel free to let me know.


Just an idea.
Since he is so cartoony you could make the backpack much bigger with some stuff hanging around. Giving you an oportunity to describe the character with the stuff hanging. Scrolls, cups, axe or hammer, map, compass, lantern (fire), small chair…

looks good to me but ill like to see better shading on he eye, transparecy, reflection, shadow… it looks like a flat texture. Try adding a thin dark line around the geen of the iris that helps a lot.

Keep it up. I like it.


I agree with Argon, more things hanging around would suite him and the story, he is going to tell, well.


The skin looks much better now. Is the eyes shader final. It look rather basic & lifeless at the moment.

Having looked at the model again, at the eyes, I cannot see any tearduct or tearline. Also at the outer edge of the eyes, the top side should overlap the bottom a little (very little) (very hard to describe without picture)


Thanks again everyone. I have worked on the eye a little(no tear line yet), and tweaked the skin some.
I am working more on this today so stay tuned for another update soon!!



Well I spent the last few days battling some displacement issues. I had to do a bit of re modeling and unwrapping but I think I am finally back on track…not much has changed at this point but here is a update anyway.



love the character and the smooth lights , keep it up , and maybe some hints about the light rig


Thanks for your comment. The lighting setup is pretty simple. I am using GI with a hdr image in the environment slot (vray 4 maya). I also have one direct light as the main light source and a vray Rect light as an added fill. Hope that helps.

Here are some bonus zbrush screen shots for anyone interested…


New Update! Decided to remove the chain mail on the side as it covered to much of the pants.

Just starting to work on the backpack now.Stay tuned!


Looking good so far. :thumbsup:


Not a big update. I decided the armor on the side of the belt looked funny how it was sorta tucked underneath the belt. I made a change to it. Think it works better now.



Looks good so far. My boyfriend also saw it on my monitor and liked it instantly.


Hey all.
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been a little busy. Anyway, I finally started sculpting the knapsack. Not finished yet but I am getting there. Once this is done I will start adding accessories to it. Thanks!!


Not feeling the sack, the sack looked like its melting & the wrinkles, especially on the pockets, looks unnatural & random.

The stripes on the sack looks great, but there is lack of tension on the sack due to the stripes.

The rolled towel (or tent) or whatever it is looks better, but the Little hill that pop out in the middle looks nice, but unnatural for the part.


PKD, thanks for the reply. I tightened up the sculpting a little and started working on his axe. Still some texturing and refining to go but here is an update…Cheers.


Looking really good now. :applause:


Nice work buddy, looking really good!


Very nice!


Looks great! Hope you will involve us in your next tasks!


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