Dwarven Adventure


I have started production on a short animation titled “Avarus”. The script is finished and the main concepts are done, so I figured I would start doing some modeling. I’ll be doing most the work by myself with some help from a couple friends. If you have a moment please feel free to leave a comment or a critique.
I’ve started some concept sculpting on the main character. The mustache and beard are a stand in and will eventually be created using hair farm. Stay tuned for more updates, Thanks!


Small update.
Started on the rest of the body…


More sculpting…


Looks good so far. Not feeling the shoes & eyebrows though.


Thanks for the comment! I did actually end up getting rid of those eyebrows during the re topology, they are going to be made of actual hair and not geometry. As far as the boots go, I did tone them down a little bit but maybe you have some other suggestions for me? I’m open to ideas!
Small update on some of the retopology…




The shoes look much better now.

I have nothing constructive to say now, I think the model looks really good, topology of wire is good as well. keep it up.


Looks very nice keep it up Dave :thumbsup:


I appreciate the comments and feedback guys!

I decided to concept out the hair a little more just to get an idea of where I was going once I start making the dynamic hair. I almost like him without the mustache, anyone have any thoughts on that or the style of the hair before I start the painful process of hair creation??

Thanks again


I prefere the middle one, as he seems to be pretty young but with a beard - that fits best.

Do you have more infos about the charcters life and so on? Would make it easier to comment on the style.


Left one, with full beard.


After coming back to this I am leaning a bit towards the full beard. I do have another question for anyone out there…
I was planning on creating actual dynamic hair for this but am thinking now that using geometry would be way less of a technical hassle. My only problem is when it comes to facial animation I am unsure how the beard would follow the face properly, or maybe it would just be simpler to stick with the hair sim. Anyone have any ideas for this?
More updates soon!


Did some quick material testing today. Mainly on the head.
I have two monitors that are not calibrated very well and on one it looks very saturated while on the other it looks okay. Can anyone tell me how it looks on their monitor?


More texture/shading work…still lots of work ahead.


It’s coming together, keep it up. Looking forward to your final result.

And I also like him without the beard. You have a nice jaw line there with that little detail on the chin - wouldn’t see that with the beard.


i really like this character… hope to see some guud animation at the end :wink:


Thanks for the comments everyone. Small progress update…

Still working on textures. Feel free to post crits and comments!


The bottom short folding on the right side of the clothes (left side on the screen) looks unnatural, & I find the skin way too orange. I will make the ears & his nose a little more reddish, same with the palms’ areas.

There is also some jagged edges in texture between the leather part of the shoe & the sole.

I think the belt should maybe have holes for buckle.

Otherwise, good job I say. :slight_smile:


PKD, you are correct on all accounts. Didn’t even notice the skin was getting so orange, thanks.

I have done some more texture work, still quite a bit of tightening up to do. There is definitely some normal/displacement artifacts kicking around that need fixing (Boots and neck area). But nonetheless here is a update…
Thanks for the comments.


I wish you made a model with a short thick mustache which would have given it magnificent lool I think


Excellent progress, can we see a render with the beard and moustache in place?