Dwarf Before The Battle, Jaime Otegui (3D)


Title: Dwarf Before The Battle
Name: Jaime Otegui
Country: Espana
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hi everybody:

This is my last work, an image based on the Warhammer world. It´s mainly a modeling and texturing exercise, but I also wanted to play around with fur and hair, a thing that I´ve never done before. Comments and critics are most welcome, I hope you like it.



vey good work Jaimote, this hand is a marvel Congratulations!

ChaaaNAAaannntTe! 0º )


Nice work.


very good one indeed. i like the texturing
very good work


looks good indeed
but i have a few remarks:
it’s snowing but there’s no snow lying on him
beard is to static, you understand?

but looks really good


Thanks to all of you for your comments. It´s true that the beard is static, this is my first attempt with hair and fur; I think the coat is ok, but I didn´t get the look that I wanted for the hair.


I love it!


nice, looks like the dwarf from lord of the rings :slight_smile:


wou! Great work :thumbsup: The composition looks like a warcraft picture. Congratulations!


Hey Jaimote at last you have finished it. Very good work man.

Mu bueno tio, felicidades.:thumbsup:


Hi jaimote,que pacha?this is a great work.This style is very well.Congratulations :thumbsup:
Respecto tio :buttrock:


Muy bueno jaime. Me molan mucho las texturas del escudo y del casco, estan muy curradas. Los pelos han quedado muy bien.


Que harte tiene jaime, ponle musica maestro!! tarabirubi!! ejejej…mola tio!! por fin hemos acabao…uff!! pero que rulen los renders…!!


Hola Jaime!

Muy bien tío, buen trabajo. Ahora hay que animarlo, verdad?

Para cuando unas capturas del wire?

Venga tío!!




Looking good man,

There are some parts such as the shield that looks a little flat in my opinion but is a really nice image in general terms. I like the texturing and the postpro.

Venga macho a por otra!!!



Yeah!! (introduccion anglosajona, pa no destacar que soy andaluz!! :scream: )

I like your picture a lot. ehm…, jodo, llevo media hora intentando escribir una frase en ingles!!!

a vel…, tu obra me ha parecido cojonuda!!:love:…, una buena composición y un buen acabado.
Tal vez, estoy un poco de acuerdo con Ryokax sobre el tema de la nieve, pero no creo que ese pequeño detalle empañe nada tu obra:thumbsup:.

Congratulations!!, y quiero ver ya otra obra tuya!!!.:bounce::buttrock:


Nice Dwarf, but I’d make the axe bigger. This is Warhammer after all where Dwarves carry Big hammers and axes. I agree with an earlier post too, Make the boss on the shield more 3d.



great work friend! nice model and great render! and very detailed. I like specially the shield and helmet, they are very good. The dwarf remembers me to Gimli, from The Lord Of The Rings. Could you put some wire? Nice render. :bounce:

pd: yop, ser andaluz no hay que destacarlo, hay que llevarlo por bandera. :bowdown:


Thanks for your comments guys, I´ll put wires as soon as I have time.



I like it too much, Keep it up…