Dwar submission insanity


I am about to scream about the Dwar submission process.
I follow all the steps, I meet all the image requirements, but I still cannot submit an animation. Instead I get stuck on the page below, where the site keeps asking me to ‘submit at least one image’, which I’ve already done. Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense.

Here, I’ve conveniently screen-capped the madness to share:

Here’s that ‘bio section’ image. (Which is ‘locked’ BTW).

Can we please, for the sake of users, have a clear, easy to follow, functional submission process? If I missing some step somewhere - just let me know - I checked the website and have spent over an hour just trying to submit my animation.


For everyone who gets confused about this - you have to wait for an admin to approve your thumbnail image before your submission will be accepted… but the site doesn’t explain that anywhere. It mentions something about ‘admin approval’. I think the least they could do is explain the process, so users know what to expect. Instead, we’re left to guess and deduce how the process works. Frustrating, to say the least.


I pasted the youtube link, saved it, then clicked on Submit Finals. I was able to come back and add bio info, but that interface did not work until I came back to it.

Also had an interesting time logging in to edit the entry. I would submit my login info and return to the log in page - after successfully logging in. I had to back up a couple pages in my browser, and then I was able to edit my entry.


and what is happening with the artist bio? Mine is all saved and ready, but its not showing up, and I can’t see anybody else’s either?

Also, when does the voting end? Or progress to the next step?


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