DW4 - 2d - demonlord


Hi and greetings to everyone,

Hello there,my name is boon chee and u all can call me boon and heres my sketches for the dominace war 4 and i choose demon lord as my entry to this competition,and ar....accually i havent choose which one i like so i might need a hand from u guys here . I hope i can get more feedbacks and comments from u all i will do my best to improve it .Thank you for watching and reply :smiley:

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/SdOsqFVYK6I/AAAAAAAAAIQ/vE6LXvpM2f8/s1600-h/dw4+thumbs.jpg (here `s my thumb and i want to say sorry for using the unconvenience way to show my sketches.)

my artblog :http://boonchee-myfield.blogspot.com/


nice concepts
i like 1 and 3 from first link and 6 from second
goodluck and keep it up!


Nice thumbnails:thumbsup: I really like 2 and 4.


Hey guys ,thank you for ur feedbacks and i really appreciate it :smiley: thanks !


Hi everyone ,

i have decided to use the stage 01`s the forth thumbs as my demon lord so i have comes out my second stage of designs.

(http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/SdS1fJgntOI/AAAAAAAAAIY/IXIJbGuHvfc/s1600-h/dw4+thumbs+02.jpg){stage%7Bstage) 02 designs}

so heres my basic charaters orthographic and So later on i will try create some new designs on it .hope u all like it :slight_smile:

(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/SdZS5obaB2I/AAAAAAAAAIg/IFxwVSZly_w/s1600-h/orthographic+copy2.jpg) {orthographic}


Hi everyone , here the the designs that i have done for my demonlord ,hope u all like it :slight_smile: comment and feedbacks are welcoming and i will do my best to improve it , Thanks :smiley:

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/SdzoauW9rLI/AAAAAAAAAIw/s2Nd6OLmCT0/s1600-h/design+stage+copy.jpg (my design)


Great concepts mate! :thumbsup:
I only wish you could post your thumbs here at CGS like others do.
Anyway, good luck, i’ll be keeping an eye on this thread :beer:


Hey aeonseraph, :slight_smile: thanks for viewing my thread haha thank you so much. i wish that i also got post my work on it but everytime i post on it ,it will show me a cross icon there :cry: so ,thats why i only can show the link to you all and ar… very sorry for the unconvenience way .


No problem :buttrock:
You need to post the [IMG] link.
Perhaps try using a different image hosting service. I’m using Photobucket : http://photobucket.com/
It’s easy, fast and for all those years i haven’t had any problems posting images anywhere :slight_smile:
That’s just a suggestion.

Take care,
~ Armand


Hi Armand , mmm i already try photobucket but mmm…still the same old look haha nvm anyway i wanna say thank you for giving me a suggestion ,really appreciate it tyty :smiley:


Ok every here`s my latest progress for my dominance war competition so i have come out the 4 idea thumbs and ar…i havent decide which one i wanna deal with so i might need u guys give me some comment and feed backs TYTY (TvT)…

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/SeTla3_hQiI/AAAAAAAAAJA/WLeWxKX9nNs/s1600-h/design+stage+02+copy2.jpg ( my design )

http://boonchee-myfield.blogspot.com/ (my blog )


nice update. :thumbsup:My first pick is 2 but I also like 4! Looking Good!


Thanks stutts, thanks for the comment :slight_smile:


Thumbnail number 6 looks terrifying! I like that one a lot!



Helo guys, is been a while i didnt show out myself getting busy , busy and busy haha .ok , heres my modeling sheet that i have completed ! the rest are coming soon hope u all like it :smiley:

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/SfneZhZtEGI/AAAAAAAAAJw/I5C4aLA5KBk/s1600-h/orthography+layout+right+size+ok.jpg ( my modeling sheet )


Ok guys , i have refine my modeling sheet acording to the dimension that this competition require and i have done my concept sheet already .Now i have to start my final illustration edi haha gogoggo ! hope u all like it :smiley:

[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/Sfs918Te4VI/AAAAAAAAAKQ/ETX_jIboZdE/s1600-h/1200x1000+size1.jpg(modeling](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/Sfs918Te4VI/AAAAAAAAAKQ/ETX_jIboZdE/s1600-h/1200x1000+size1.jpg(modeling) sheet refine)

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/Sfs9xr3fHoI/AAAAAAAAAKI/1a7AdBr6oAs/s1600-h/1200x1000+size+concept.jpg ( concept sheet)


Hi everyone , i finally complete my masterpiece !! YAHOO!!! hope u all like it :smiley:

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/ShBKmEGuTAI/AAAAAAAAAKg/KpYwGm_Jsa4/s1600-h/final+illustration.jpg (my final illustration)

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_yVofPAuxvZg/ShBKWcfUL_I/AAAAAAAAAKY/HIjfpsFmwiw/s1600-h/progress.jpg (my progress)


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