dvGarage Summer Sale


dvGarage are holding a time-limited sale.

The Camera Mapping Lab sells for $69 (reg $99).

Composite Toolkit (very good) sells for $189 (reg $199).

Surface and Reflection Toolkit bundle ($129)




the composite toolkit isn’t the beta version that was realesed this year neither. (I am a big dvgarage fan)


Decided to take a look at the tutorials. Shame they’re all movs, my 56k modem is complaining.

From the single frames though, it looks nice and simple to key out and composite.

(edit: just realised these are not a standalone product … need AfterEffects… ahh well.)

I did download the finalcomp movie to have a look.

The lightsabers appear to have this black halo around them though, which spoils the effect a little. The motion also looks like it’s missing frames ?

Still, cool fun.

For me, the saber battles in SW1:Phantom Menace were the coolest parts of the whole thing.


that video you downloaded if its not the gif is only part of the final video. Lightsabers are very easy time consuming but easy to create in After Effects


After Effects???:surprised , i used ps to rotoscope the darn thing, frame by frame!!! how do u do it in after effects???


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