Dvade Tride - short intro animation


:slight_smile: Hello,

This is short intro animation we made for studio production. Done in XSI FND and AfterEffects.

Here is the link ( right click and Save Target As )
intro QuickTime 11,1 MB

Hope you enjoy it. Coments are very welcome. Thanx.


Hm, the link should work fine. I know that this is not fancy VFX or Character animation, but, I will be happy with some feedback friends.
Is it bad? Is it good?
Is it boring? Is it cute?

This thread is truly open for comments. Thanx.


Hi Oweron, very cute. I was expecting a mulligrub to jump out and try to give me a big hug!
I can’t find anything wrong with this it’s warm and welcoming, and nice chalk effect on the flowers etc :slight_smile:


I like it! It’s cute and lively.Dust effect in the end looks very cool!


Very Clever… and cute! :thumbsup:


Many thanx for feedback guys! Especially for positive feedback :thumbsup:

pixelpickle : did you really expecting a mulligrub stuff? Oh, this is tricky how stills can change the mood of animation.


Simply and beautiful. I recognize your great style. It’s a wonderful intro animation!



its a nice composition work
i like it



awesome work i like it


Good idea and well executed! Has a warm feel to it.
Just one crit: you could improve the dissolving part where the butterfly
turns into your actual logo. add some more dust or more particles in general.



cool… interesting use of cartoon-like 3d… i just think the style doesn´t fits perfectly with the shiny-metal-look logo… but anyway, that´s a very nice work! congratulations!


Hello folks. Thanks for nice words. I am currently working on new visual identity so this is going to be history soon :thumbsup: But I am glad you do like this small intro…



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