Dusk Mission, Sean Soh (3D)


Title: Dusk Mission
Name: Sean Soh
Country: Singapore
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Modelled this jet sometimes ago. Background are painted in photoshop with part of them being 3d elements. Generally I want to potray the pilot’s feeling by using the jet, sort of like riding the coming tidal wave. Critics and comments are absolutely welcome. Thanks.


Raw model without texturing


the modeling and the design is veryyy great, the image is to little, do you have a big resolution?


That’s a REALLY cool looking jet… looks a bit like macross… but I agree that the eventual image could do more justice to the jet…



This looks great, your image is really dynamic!


sweet modelling!! isn’t this the VF-19?? imo i think the material on the plane feels too much like…porcelain…it’s too glossy :curious: great model though!! :thumbsup:


the best plane in the all world!
one time it will be made just for me!


Sweet model for sure! Was wondering, NURBS? I assume the panel lines and details are modelled in instead of bumped, am I right to assume?

Anyhow, I’m thinking you may already know, but a bunch of us on the Macrossworld site do MACROSS models as well, may wanna come by and show your work!

It truly is a great model!



Like it!
Cool design for the plane!

The old ship in the background feels a littlebit missplaced. Has the plane just bombed it or is it a ghost ship?

Nice feeling in the image:)


DAREONER: Thanks. But too bad at first when i did this piece of work, i was just trying to test the composition without thinking much about posting here. So the resolution that i was working on is what you see here. Next time hope i don’t make this kind of mistake again >.<

ervine: Yup that’s from Macross. model name is YF19. and i agree with you that composition isn’t actually that nice as in bringing out the details of the model. :confused:

Sean121: THanks a lot :slight_smile: as for the material…yup…maybe is bit too glossy for a plane. :stuck_out_tongue:

choptider: are you macross fan? lolz.

dat: I use spline and poly for this model. And Yes you are right that the panel line and detail are modelled. No bump map is used. The material applied are using diffuse map only cause lazy to do the battle scarred and other details. (argh i just want to move on to other project) And thanks for the invitation. Will try to post there. :slight_smile: Cheers

Jonason: The old ship you had mentioned is actually the SDF-1 unit from Macross. It is a huge mothership of macross unit but now is almost immobilized. It served as part of the city scape. So it isn’t the bombing target for this jet. And thanks for the comment. Hope you guys like it.

One problem i’m having with this jet is that the transformation is almost impossible cause of the design of the robot mode. I have modelled the head as well as the hands. However after i do a test rig for it, i found that the proportion is not that nice and sway far away from the original concept design. So currently i had push back the plan to make it transformable even thou all the parts are ready. :S


Ah… really nice, refreshing to see an image thats so dynamic, model rocks aswell, rock on man.


effin awesome.


Very impressive modelling skills,:thumbsup: The panel lines and details makes the model come alive. Very good attention to detail. now if only you spend more time on your textures, it’ll be a masterpiece.


so great !
can u post your wire here?
do u used meshsmooth ?


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