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This thread will be a holding ground for my up and coming demo reel.

This demo reel will be geared towards the folks at BIOWARE. I’ve thought about going up to edmonton for while now but never really made the effort. Now i am.

Here is the first character.

A friend of mine already mentioned the need for more greens in the flesh. Which i will get to soon enough. Otherwise comments/crits/suggestions are always helpful.

To view more pictures and the wire frames go here


awesome start however i feel the strap across the cest needs a better high quality texture… can you post up some stats about the models as you post them aswell such as poly counts map types and sizes?


wewt Bioware :)…

I’m personaly From Edmonton, not bad her :slight_smile: Hope you make it.


And the battle begins!! :)…I wish you the BEST of luck!!! You definatly have the skills…hope to see ya there :wink: :D!!! Those are some really nice textures man…I love this pose… http://www.20threed.com/images/pimpin/bioware/vik_render1.jpg… watching this unfold VERY closely…




haha, thats low-poly nowadays?
booya! :smiley:

/grabs a chair


mangled poly: hey thanks for the comments and crits. The mapping i did on that strap turned out kinda shotty. Ill see if i can make more room in the map for it. His pcount is about 4500. I know thats high but i wanted it high for this particular model. The maps are the link i posted just undernieth the pic. :wink:

bitmap:Thanks man. Ill be seeing ya in edmonton soon.

fEETNUTS32: YO yo! Thanks man…When are we gonna see your shizas? I can’t even begin to tell you how long it took me to find a pose a like. hehe. I suck at posing. :wink:

joost81: Meh, i could prolly get into ut2k3. It would just begin to lag out some with a bunch more characters in the scene. HEY! where’d you get that chair!

My next three character models will be a minotaur-esque beast, a chicky elven mage thingy, maybe some doug chang robot, and a starwars esque monster beast. Anyone got some other ideas of what i should do just post em up:)

Thanks everyone:D


Very nice : good character, wonderfull model and even greater texture !
The only thing i think does’nt exactly fit with the rest (metal and leather) is the “palm tree leefes thingy” around the waist, although it certainly is more original than the usual cloth strips !
Cheers !
Good luck for the job !


wow!!! very nice modeling and skinning, can we see wire?


ckaos@om: ya the skirty was pointed out on another forum as being less realistic than the rest. Maybe thats the main reason. Its just supposed to be a furry viking-esque skirt. :expressionless: gotta be reworked i believe.

bugo: thanks man. the link under the pic will take you to some wires;)


Nice work, only crits from me that’s the textures are not so effinciently unwrapped… For this polycount and texture detail you don’t have to make 3 big textures… :slight_smile:

Nice work again, keep it up!


I like it alot! I wish I’d have known that most games are going toward the 5000+ poly limit and those huge textures…Ive been modeling my characters less than 1500 poly(sometimes even less) and the textures would only be like 2 256 or 1 512…

Your textures are really awesome though! The model is cool too.


Looks great

And good luck getting the job at BioWare :slight_smile: they came to my school 2 years ago but i had a class during that time so i missed the presentation and now its practically impossible to get inside for a tour or to talk to the modellers there(i wouldnt mind learning a few things from them :stuck_out_tongue: )


great great model!

why wasn’t it plugged? it’s as good, if not better then the Castlevania guy. :curious:


Update. I tried to hit most of the concerns with the skin. I think i got most of them. Then i showed michael knubben, and he whooped my ass. :wink: greenyblue underlights.

Axe got dented.


tmt: originaly i was planning on putting him in something like UT2k3. 2 1024’s is what they use so i figured i would go with that ;). besides, at 512 i couldn’t look at the image without hemoraging from all the wires. hehe thanks.

eMysfit: Well not ALL games are going that way. It all depends on how much other stuff is on the screen at once. So if i was to put this guy in something like warcraft3, i would absolutely kill the fps. But in something like the new mortal kombat, he would fit in just fine. With .dds format you can make a 1024 have less load time than a standard 512 .tga. Which is nice. very nice. :wink: Thanks

KoS: Hehe i was there two years ago, with my first demo reel. But i really had a dislike for edmonton, so i never got back to them. Theres now a couple of my friends there so i don’t feel as intimidated by the situation. :wink: See ya in oil town soon…

Solve: Thanks! Maybe souL told them how much of a n00b he was and they plugged him…hehe…souL roxZ me soxZ…

Keep the CRITS and comments coming…


I would like to see him in a game that’s for sure.Nice work.But dont forget the XBOX 2 and PS3 will be out in 3 years or so,more polys allowed then,so keep that in mind.But this is very well done.:thumbsup:


Cool as f*** model, and the texture for the axe is just… :drool:

Great work!


great modeling and texturing man!:cool:

but it looks like his wepons are somewere from EUrope, and this sugests that he may get cold with just a scert, :shrug:


Steveyola: I knoww im so excited. I can’t till we can use quads tho…that would be uber sweet. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Wonderwolf Drew: Th***s!! I like skulls can you tell…:wink:

hanzo: hehehe his “skirt” is quite warm on the bits that matter the most…:wink:



updated the doodle. Its got cleaner lines now;)

will color soon;)