duplicate problem in combustion



I did a color keying on a green screen clips, and I duplicated it to make reflection on the floor but whenever I add operator or add anything to the duplicated clip it automatic change the ordinal one as well

How can I fix this problem?



This is actually the workflow in combustion.

There is a key difference between the duplicate command and the copy/paste command.

For your issue use copy and paste rater then duplicate.

Here is the brief difference between the two.

Duplicate creates an instance of your first layer. This means whatever changes you make to the filters and layer the duplicates will change and match them. A more clearer way to see what happens is via the schematic (F-12 keystroke)

Copy/Paste creates a unique copy of your layer and filters within. Any changes you make to the filters inside the layer will only affect the layer you are adjusting.




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