Duncan - My Secret Agent entry



I’d like to show you my Secret Agent entry if you haven’t checked it yet. It’s called Duncan.

The Secret Services of the United Worlds developped geneticaly modified Secret Agents to fulfill missions throughout the universe. Duncan is one of them.

I entered very late in the challenge, so the film was done in a few days only. I’m not entirely satisfied with the SFX, but then again, I’m not a pro in that field and anyways, Duncan is about… Duncan :stuck_out_tongue:

The Jury granted me the Honorary Mention for Duncan which makes me extremely proud and at peace with the lack of sleep I had back then! :bounce: Who need sleeps these days, right?

Here’s another opportunity to thank the jury and all the people at CGSociety who made the challenge possible. Such a great synergy, so many great entries in all categories. These challenges are beautiful :love:

Here are some links.

Youtube video:

Vimeo video:

My entry here at cgsociety:

My entry thread:

Thanks for watching!


What an interesting take on the Secret Agent, and sad. I was expecting to see an op, of course, and your take of an intimate portrait of a very lonely person was pleasantly different - bravo!



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