Dummy Colour


Hi everyone,

I’m creating some tools to handle model import/export at our company, from a proprietary format

When importing a model into Max, Blue Dummy objects are created. I need to create an identical Dummy object, but everywhere I’ve read (including multiple threads here) says you cannot change the color of a Dummy, so how is this happening?

I’ve inspected the object using:


whilst the object is selected, and it returns:

(color 28 89 177)

I have created my own Dummy helper and set its wirecolor to the same value which doesn’t throw any errors, but my Dummy stays green anyway. To be honest this is to be expected, based on everything documented about Dummy’s, and yet I have a Blue one in my scene that has come from an imported model.

Could anyone suggest whats happened here? I’d be happy to supply a sample but I cannot upload attachments as a new user

Thanks in advance