Dueling Cobras, Bazze (3D)


Title: Dueling Cobras
Name: Bazze
Country: Sweden
Software: C4d

Modeled and rendered with C4D.

The phone models are based on Ericssons classical Cobra phone (hence the name of the pic). The chairs are inspired by the “Myran” chair by Arne Jacobsen and the table is a piece of furniture designed by Bruno Mathsson. The lamp is made up.


I like it. Clean and simple…it fits in with the rest of your work really well (had a look at your website).

My personal preference is for less symmetrical work, so of all your stuff I think I liked “Dirty Work”, “Big In Japan”, and “Retro-ish” a little more than this piece. I think the only thing here that detracts a little - for me - is that it’s clearly the same texture on each chair.

I think the lighting, composition and modeling are great! Nice work.


You are right about the chair texture - it’s the same (applied in the same way) on both chairs.

I have 2 ideas for this picture:

  1. Making the texture on the chairs a bit worn
  2. Making the carpet fluffy and letting the legs of the table and chairs sink into it a bit


I think #2 would be awesome. As for #1, well I think making the textures look “worn” would detract from your overall feeling of cleanliness.

If you nudge the UVs on one of them a little bit, just to give some variation…or open the texture file in Photoshop and make a second version for one of the chairs, I think that’d work.

The fluffy carpet idea is great. What color?


awsome man really good texture job…i just wish i could see whats on the table up close…could you post some close up shots of the table?


wow talk about misleading titles, i thought this was a thread about two snakes. wooops

on the model i dont know if this is just the picture but i can see some compression artifacts around the shadowy areas.


I thought I was finished with this image but…
Last updates - I changed the color of the chairs a bit and their textures are now also unique. I also played with making the carpet furry. It looked OK but didn’t contribute to the image so I’ll save the furry carpet for the next project.

Final update, may it RIP from now on:

Close up (the phone is rather simple and not very accurate but works fine in scenes as a prop) :


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