Ducktape (Duct)


Hello everyone.
Just a quicky pic. I read this forum so much, I might as well post in it too. C4D people seem like a pretty cool group of individuals.

It ain’t much. The start of a large still life. I’ll have to start posting here more often.

Thanks everyone,



thats realy cool. Only crit is ducttape is much more silver and less black. Not silver ealy gray more like it. Could we see some stuff on the creation mainly texturing im curious as to exactly ho you did this. If its all texturing then i must say its very impressive it looks so real and rough (except for inside cardboard) it just looks kindof sticky dirty rough and ductapeish. Good work.


Thanks BESTrin. The textures are all scanned then worked in photoshop. Problem was I couldn’t get the inside scanned without ruining the Ductape. So I make it from scratch. I went a little polyhappy on the top, but I may put in more dents and whatnot.



you need a reflectivity map. That will boost the realism.


kool stuff. I dont think you went to poly hapy on the top just right. A reflectivity map would help and an enviroment to reflect.Another thing that would really sell this is if you had those white thick threads on the torn endge and a bump map to match.


Funny thing is, it was reflective. I just didn’t give it anything to reflect.:shrug:

Now with strings! W007! Thanks again for the feedback.



cool pic…i really like the sides…done very nice.
was gonna say needs more bump on the tape…but now you’ve added a bit more reflectivity it looks ok really…maybe a little little more thickness on the loose tape part…but subtly is the name of the game…like the result so far though.

is this going to be part of a still life…or is this the still life btw?


Looks really great! Now back to work you and make it animate! :stuck_out_tongue:


The tape looks great, especially the silver texture. But the texture on the inside looks a little blurry to me.


This would just be an element to the still life. I have a few items done, but none of this is finalized. The scene nor light are what will be that in the end. And hopefully many more items. Right now it’s a bit too clean except the Ductape.

Cheers Ya’ll



:applause: NIce Progress!

I really like the way you have brought everything together! Great job on the ducttape!


Looks like that roll you inherited from your grandfather then sat in your basement for 10 years. Looks great!


That looks like carpet tape to me. :wink: Duct tape is a fireproof foil like tape you use on ducts and furnaces. Excellent duck tape none the less. Red Green would be proud!


nice progress any conection between the items in the scene.


ya play the blues if something breaks, but never fear so long as there’s a roll of ductape?

hehe, non the less I really like the elements in the scene, though I too, am very curious as to how they fit together as well…

Nice modeling :slight_smile:


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