Dual screen set up with wacom tablet


From some reason, when I use photoshop, my wacom tablet would only map onto one screen and when I jump out the program the tablet automatically maps two screen again. How can i fix this?


ignore me :p, i figure out how to fix this the second i post this.
sorrry guys


do tell. your solution may be of use to the rest of us, eh? :slight_smile:


Because I just realized that the tablet mapping can be program oriented as well, you guys can change that under the wacom preference settings. So nothing to do with the Photoshop, it just happens to have the tablet using single screen mapping as default.


I just switched to 2 monitors… It’s tough using my 6x8 tablet… it wants to rush around very quickly with little effort. I should get a widescreen tablet maybe :}


When you have dual monitors of differing sizes, sometimes running a tablet pen in mouse mode instead of pen mode can make the transition between monitors much smoother. It allows you to move freely and unconstrained by geometry boundaries of the display-to-tablet mapping, although it does take a lot of getting used to.

Whatever works best for your workflow I guess, but it’s nice to have options :shrug:


<smacks head>
please note issue for future people with problems;

im using CS3 photoshop with two differnt sized monitors… on is wide, the other “normal”
upon saving wacom settings for 1:1 painting and focusing back on photoshop the changes do not take place and my cirlces are squash0red elipses :frowning: very annoying…

after messing around for 30 mins the answer was easy
restart photoshop… then it worked and got the updated setting

so in the future, close photoshop, make wacom change, then start photoshop :slight_smile:


I use a 6 x 8 Intuos 1 with a dual monitor setup (23” main monitor). I also have two pens. Pen 1 tracks over both screens, which I use for most of my work, and pen 2 is limited to the main screen. I use the second pen in Photoshop (which uses the full width of the tablet on screen one) for sketching exercises and detailed drawing and painting were I want to maximize stroke control. When using pen 2 I use a saved workspace with palettes set on the main screen. I think you can save multiple settings for one pen instead of buying an additional pen. I bought the second pen incase I wrecked or lost the first.


There’s a program that lets you switch monitors by “tapping” the side of the screen so it jumps over to the other one. Here’s link. http://www.tvpaint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6412#6412


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