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If I start a batch render, select 1 for the number of processors to be used, then halfway through the render, check the box for “use all processors” will it pick up the second one as I’m rendering or do I have to start the batchrender over again in order for both processors to be used?

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Maybe cancel the batch …and pick up where you left off


definatly do what matty said.

changing the affinity of the render will at least miss certain buckets on the frame it was altered on.
changing the settings via maya’s batchrender ui wont change it since the batchrender.exe is a seperate program.
you could go into the task manager and right click the mayabatch.exe process and change the affinity there. but be warned, i know for a fact that changing from 2 cpu’s to 1 cpu half way through a render will mess up the current frame, going from 1 cpu to 2 probably will as well.


As long as you have enough ram, it is faster to start a separate render process on each processor. If your going into swap then your better off with one render on both processors.


Thanks all!

In the end I let the render finish on the one processor, it wasn’t that long and you guys didn’t reply in time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: j/k

@Beaker, /me scratches head, so your saying that its faster to render the same render on both processors, rather than splitting it? How do I designate which processor is being used for what render?

Thanks for the world of warning tuna!

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Originally posted by Modulok
How do I designate which processor is being used for what render?

if you are starting the renders from maya interface then you open task manager and set mayas affinity (right click the maya task etc) then launch it and it will inherit the cpu details…

if you are doing it from command line or rendermanager (like renderpal) then i dont know, itll most probably refer to it in the help docs.


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