dual Opteron board with PCI-Express?


I need to setup a MAya workstation that could also be used for gaming.

At first I though about getting the Athlon 64 and a PCI-Express card but I always liked the notion of having 2 CPU to do the job (I am a mac user) so I am leaning toward the Opterons. The video card would be a 6600 and I would use 1 to 1,5 gig or RAM.

Unfortunatly, I cant find any opteron board with PCI-Express card, its either integrated video or AGP. Anyone know any?

Idealy, it should also have , SATA, FW, integrated network card and more than 4 ram slots and be availlable in Canada. RAID-0 is a plus but not very important.


While looking at some online store, I couldnt find any board for AMD with PCI-Express, only intel. Anyone know any? I really want a computer with PCI-E card and I dont really have a good history with Intel…


haven’t found PCI-Express on an Opteron mobo either. because as far as i know, it hasn’t been made yet, don’t know why though.

btw… it’s a good setup you’re having planned, i’ve heard that Maya “likes” Opterons for some reason or the other.

as far as the other options you mentioned, there are a lot of Opteron boards to choose from.

that’s all i know, hope it helps :slight_smile:


Dual Opteron boards featuring PCIe such as IWill’s DK8ES won’t be available in any significant quantities for several more weeks. You may be able to pick one up by early November.

more information here:

Xbitlab’s Iwill DK8ES Article
2cpu’s Iwill DK8ES Preview

-mental :surprised


The dual opteron boards with PCI Express, as stated, are on the way. They should be here in early Novemeber.


This is excellent news, its will allow me to relax my buying urge and benefit from the innevitable price drop of some of the components.

One question I have about dual procs: I know that when I do renders in Maya it will ask for the number of CPU to use, but would it use the 2 procs to render a single frame or it will only use the second proc when rendering multiple frames?

Also, a single Opteron proc compares to what in term of power? I am thinking about the 242 and I just want to be sure that it will be game proof for a while.

Thx again


I’m kind of in the same delimma. However, I believe Nvidia is coming out with the NForce 4 sometime soon which is suppose to have PCI Express but not sure since I never saw any final specs. I’m waiting for the Nforce 4 version that has SLI for multiple GPUs.


The DK8ES is using the “nforce 4” chipset. It is also going to feature multiple PCIe slots. Weather or not it will be able to run SLI, is yet to be seen since I have not seen any information about this. Though the guys on 2cpu.com forums have hinted at the chance of being able to operate in SLI on this board. Though there is still debate :slight_smile:

On a side note: Tyan is also releasing an Nforce 4 based board featuring TWO nforce 4 chipsets. This means that insted of the 20 PCIe lanes offered by the single chip (which causes issues with two 16x PCIe cards for SLI), the Tyan board features 40 PCIe lanes, meaning you can have two full 16x PCIe slots and have room left for other smaller types of PCIe (1x and 4x). Though Tyan is very tight lipped, and finding information about this board is rather tough. Plus it could all just be a rumor :slight_smile:


quick question, Opterons = socket 940? right? so if i get a motherboard with athlon64 using 940 socket, i can upgrade later to an Opteron. and this DK8ES mobo could use a Athlon64… right?

i’m trying to put together a computer sometime soon and looking at all possible roads. but i might wait with all of you for the PCI-E mobos.


Athlon 64 only exists on the socket 754 and socket 939. The Athlon FX, however, Was initially released on Socket 940, why? The AthlonFX in essence is an Opteron 1xx series chip… And usually a bit more expencive…

Opteron 150 retail: $630
Athlon FX 53: $650

There is another AthlonFX 53, which fits into the Socket 939, but its $838 :). I am also pretty sure that the AthlonFX will from now on be a socket 939 part.

The dual Opteron mobos out there will support any socket 940 chip. However, if you have an Opteron 1xx series or an AthlonFX, you will only be able to use ONE processor since these chips have no coherent HT links for multi processing.

One option is to buy one low end Opteron for now and the DK8ES or that Tyan board. Then later down the road when you’ve rebuilt your stock pile of money, grab a pair of dual cored Opterons for your Fancy motherboard and drop that single Opteron into a second motherboard with a single socket. Then you have the beginnings of a render farm…


I also thought about doing something along that line.

But anyone has an idea of how much these 2 boards would go for? I know they arent out yet but there must be some pricing info around. The price I have found while googling are totaly ridiculous (ovr 800$) so I hope they will be much less expensive.


I would guess the DK8ES to be around 500-600 seeing as the DK8N is selling for 509 off IWill’s store… The DK8N is based on the Nforce 3 250 Pro chipset, and has AGP and no PCIe. But once the DK8ES comes out, I would bet the prices shift around a little bit making the DK8N go into the mid 400s and the DK8ES hit about 550…

This is just my guess tho, I wont know how much these options will be until they’re out :slight_smile:

As for the Tyan, think about it this way. If the board really does have dual nforce4 chipsets on board, it will be twice as expencive for Tyan to buy the chipsets from Nvidia, meaning that potentially, this board could be quite a bit more expencive than the IWill solution.

It’s been reported that both IWill’s and Tyans Nforce 4 chipsets support SLI, just IWill only has 20 PCIe lanes to do it in, while Tyan has 40…


how soon will these amd dual-cored cpus be out?
or are they out already?
if the time is near then i’ll have the paitence to wait.

i’m / i was in the market now for…
at first i was in the market for the fx53 939.
then i was reading somewhere about the new fx-55 2.6ghz that’s coming soon.
then i was told to save my money because i wouldn’t see a much difference from the cheaper cpu.
then i’m being told that dual processing is better when working with maya.
then i read this thread and seized all plans for purchasing a dual cpu setup.
oh, fuq me!
so now i ask…would i benefit the same performance from a dual-cored as i would with dual cpus?

[b] this is my current set:

asus a7n8x e-deluxe R.2.00 rev 1005
athlon xp 3000+ bartons 400 mhz
1 x (80097-17) corsair twinmx 1024-3200c2pt 1gb ddr400 xms3200 dual-channel memory w/platinum heat spreader
geforce 4600 ti w/ vivo

my bios settings are:

cpu external frequency (mhz) = 190mhz
cpu frequency multipl = 11.5x
cpu interface = aggresssive
memory frequency = 100%
resulting frequency (shaded) = 190mhz
memory timing – sdram cas latency = 2t
cpu vcore setting = auto @ 1.650
agp frequency = 66mhz

during the post:
main processor: amd athlon xp 2174 mhz[/b]



You’ve got a while to wait for dual core… i’d say mid next year is when you’ll hear alot about it and wont really see any big product until the fall…


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