dual athlon mpx - new possibilities - real cheap and powerful dual


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because viper asked me about modding xp to mp and stuff i did a little surfing in overclocking and dual forums

i found out something really cool

there are those new mobile athlon xps
they are supposed to be xtremly good for overclocking
so you can overclock a 2500+ to 2700mhz, which would be a 4400+ or something

but the really cool thing is:
they are already MPs (last l5 bridge closed)
and they are 133fsb like the original MP

so if you put two of those in a dual board you don´t even have to mod the processor to work as a dual
(in all boards except the msi (gotta cut the 3rd bridge to run as mp there))
and they run with a very low vcore meaning they stay very cool and don´t need much power

so if you folks want to build really cheap duals without the cpu modding thats a good way to do it
2xathlon xp mobile 2400+ (160euro)
tyan 2460 760mp (70euro) some guys say it works with non reg ram some guys say only reg ram
1gig 266 ram (~120 euro)

the tyan is really cheap but rockstable (its got the pre mpx chipset)
if you get the asus 266d mpx (~200euro) you can even oc it to fsb166 and its known to work with non reg ram (faster and cheaper)

a good link for painting and cutting bridges:


if you want to use the tyan 2460 for a workstation with power hungry vga card and lots of other stuff in it you may think about doing a 5v mod

for a simple server or rendernode with ordinary vga card it will work perfectly

also the mobile cpus don´t need that much power which may mean you won´t even have troubles using a high end vga


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isn’t that the truth. I had such fun when mine let the magic smoke out.

Then I got the asus to replace it, it has severe problems with bus bandwidth. Which kind of cripples it.

I’d pretty much say any dual athlon is useless as more than a render node or server not requiring severe disk access or network transfer.


is a athlon 64 or operton much faster in rendering than a athlonXP ?

i mean you can get a complete dual xp machine for the price of an operton cpu


Generaly, yes A64 are faster then XP chips.

Honestly, unless you already have some components to setup a
dual AMD XP/MP rig, its not worth going that route.

Don’t get me wrong though. I assembled one about 3 years ago
and its been running great up to this day. But for the money, you
have better options out there.

If your looking for budget dually, go the Xeon way. Low voltage
C1, D1, or M0 stepping Xeon chips on an Asus PC-DL or NCCH-DL
motherboard are the budget duallies of choice today.

Check out www.2cpu.com and www.ocforums.com
Here too: http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=363017


Yeah, the mobile athlon XP trick is a pretty old one now anyway… It is nice to know, but the motherboards for this generation of CPU dont feature many of the advances that the modern boards do.


this is about cheap as possible rendernodes
who needs a fancy motherboard in a dirt cheap rendernode

i mean you can get a dual 3000+ for roughly 350 euros
if you use the cheapest possible harddrive, case and so on (ideally old parts lying around)

for that price you probably don’t even get the cpu if you go the operton and xeon way

i have one 2900+ dualXP machine doing all my rendering
runs extremely stable and very fast


since you cant get those athlon m and tyan boards anymore (on ebay maybe)
which is unfortunate since they are still the best bang for the buck http://perso.orange.fr/fabien.corrente/MR.htm

i would suggest

get a opteron 165 dualcore (single socket)
they overclock extremly well and are really cheap
so you probably get the best price/performance ratio in terms of rendering


at the moment a intel core2duo 6300 (about 180bucks) gives you the best bang for the buck
it overclocks extremely well (via fsb)
motherboards with onboard graphics can be bought for around 50bucks

intel 820D is good too and only 90bucks
it also overclocks very well via fsb

the core2duo is more than twice as fast with the same clockspeed though

make shure to buy very good ram
if you overclock - a ddr800 doesnt hurt

overclocking has become very easy
everything can be done in the bios
too much wont fry your cpu since they are all thermally protected
get a test app like “prime” and run it 24hours to check if its stable


Always remember to never spec out a system based on a theoretical speed it may work at. Always assume your overclocks will fail, or not reach the level that others run at.

ie. Just because a particular chip is popular for oc’ing, and many have reached stellar performance levels, doesn’t mean YOU will. There is always a massive discrepancy between the # of successes and the # of failures on the internet. Many are quick to brag, not so quick to admit defeat.

Case in point. 5 E6600’s, 2 E6700’s.

3 of the E6600’s run at 3.01 with no trouble at all.
1 of the E6600’s runs at 3.333 @ higher voltages, with alot of tweaking.
1 of the E6600’s has trouble running at 3.01 unless you really screw around with voltages…it really can’t handle more then a little bit of additional speed.

Of the E6700’s, one can’t run at 3.333 (25%), its max speed is 3.2. The other runs fine at 3.333 without issue.

(Just personal examples with the machines I’ve built recently. All examples have run a minimum of 72 hour dual prime95’s, with the 3.2 E6700 completing a 860 hour (yes I know thats more then a month) DNA analysis run with no issues whatsoever).


Also, when your CPU was made, and what part of the waffer tend to make a difference in overclock ability. If I recall, when you used to be able to look at the CPU die, you could tell what part of the waffer it came from by the color it reflected in the light. The ideal chips generally come from the center of the waffer…

Since I havn’t looked at overclocking as seriously since then, who knows how it is now :slight_smile: but I’d assume its similar still, as quality varies depending on where you are on the waffer…

These differences only come into play when you’re aiming for that “top” over clock, but still shrug



now the cor2duo 4300 probably gives you the best bang for the buck
119 for the cpu

since the cpu is 200mhz fsb you can get 945g mobos with vga that can do 1066 (266mhz_fsb)
those can be found around 50 bucks
get one that can do 1066 and has 4 ramsockets

1gb of ddr2ram (667ram=266fsb=1066cpu) 2x512 - 50 bucks

proper cooler for overclocking

if you want 4mb cache (known to be not that big of a difference
core2duo - 6320
965 board and 800ram needed for overclocking (raise fsb)

if you want to go the most upgradeable way
975 or 965 asus or intel, gigabyte . . . board


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