DSF: Guys lets talk...


Thanks for the post…


Howdy. I just want to put in a vote to keep this forum alive and promise to be an active participant. I’m relatively new to CGSociety and when I initially joined to host my portfolio here, I didn’t have much time to participate because I was working like 12 jobs at once. My work load has since lightened up, and I’m making an active stab at putting aside a little time every day to make art that is just for my own personal practice and style and not for a job or for self-promotion purposes. DSF will be a valuable way for me to get that daily exercise in, so I’ll do my part to participate as much as I can.


Welcome to the fold!


I’ve been away for many years and was excited to return again. Daily Sketch Forum has been such a powerful source for inspiration, encouragement and exercise with a delightful crowd. I really hope I can help to put some life back into it.
I miss all the peeps from the past and I kind of wonder what happened to the CG world? Even if the old guys got tired of it, wouldn’t there be a massive new crowd to recognize the power of this thread for themselves?

Anyway, Robert, I’m grateful you do your best to keep the ball rolling. I’m sure it’s not easy on you either to see this jewel of a place so vacant. I don’t know, if it means anything to you, but I’m very happy you do what you do and will try not to let you down again. Heck, I don’t know why I dropped out back then… must’ve gotten too swamped with work, as most may have been.

Thank you, Robert! :beer:


Hi everyone,

I feel guilty for being away again like that and puzzled that everyone seems to have buzzed off pretty quickly again, too.
In my defense, I’ve been busy with projects and Verve development, which will be going on indefinitely, considering how much fun that it. I’ve started my own forum for it, which came alive beautifully and is going stronger and stronger. But that keeps me away from here even more. To make matters worse, I’ve started my own daily sketch section there, too, but with focus on Verve, of course. It’s fun to see this flourish and I understand Robert’s enthusiasm all the more right now, while I admire his stamina all the more as well.
I don’t know how it is for you, but I’ve made a little collage for every day with some of the essential entries and a link to the respective day. I find it very motivating to see those. I believe, if Robert had something like that prominently visible once it would add a good kicker, too. Seems so empty here at CGSociety’s DSF to see a forum just plastered with ads rather than a single piece of art of ours.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten or willfully abandoned this place again.

I also think part of the reason for why it went dry again are some of the topics. The whole “fan art” stuff was a bit too much, I think. And when you start missing a day, the motivation kind of dwindles. Also the Avatar Wars were such a blast and really got some momentum, if I remember correctly. Pity those never popped up again.

This is not a “post mortem”, haha, but rather a: “Hey, you guys just lit the house on fire…keep it going!”


Well we are getting the hits, but the new members seem to be afraid to post.

What the heck?



I think some of the time they also feel intimidated not because the people are intimidating, but for the reason that they feel that their contribution doesn’t carry much weight. Even given the situation it would.

I am not over generalising for anyone i’m talking from personal experience.


We are family over here and we take care of our own.
You post, you join our family and we will help you nurture yout talent.

No reason to be intimidated.

ANY contribution is worth it.



Thank you Roberto, that’s so true, just gotta change my mentality really.

Especially how i have this hunger to improve eh.


Just post my friend. We are here to help each other.


the fire is dead, the talking
keeps walking the path
of an end…

nobody is afraid. the topics are boring as hell, there’s no commitment from mods whatsoever, all the fun from before is gone and i just keep reading the crap about changes.

seriously, if you guys gonna shut this place down then just say so, otherwise get your shit together and run this place like it should be ran. i’ve heard the same melody for a good couple years now.

Roberto, i’m sorry but if you’re too busy you should let go of this chore because you really really don’t do anything here anymore. maybe leave it to someone who cares and have time


I am, sorry you feel that way, and you are right to be upset.On my end there has been of a lot of personal issues involving family.

I will talk to all of you guys offline.


We can’t let this section go. Its just too fun. Instead of stating the obvious lack of attention to this place, what can I do to help? Sometimes I want to add art but the topics are so limiting. I remember in the past when there was a wide variety.

Roberto, let some of us help you posting the threads choosing topics from the topics thread and you can do the rest. I know I am not a regular but think I can manage to be constant if you let me help.


Back after a BsC study black hole…

I’m a bit sad to see this forum seems to be in slumber mode.

Anything I can do to help?

Do we just need a lot of new topics and one new thread a day?


I remember those good times, when even boring or repeating topics were treated as a ‘challenge’ :slight_smile:

I sometimes lurk here for an inspiration, sometimes even do some pencil sketching on a topic (but im too lazy for scanning, and I broke my Intuos3 few months ago)… But the main reason i nearly stopped visiting cgtalk, is HIDEOUS font choice/layout for the forums. Seriously, its unreadable, plain ugly, and it instantly takes away all the joy of browsing.


Haven’t been here for quite a while…Where is the DS Challenge?


Im back after a long hiatus. Gonna sketch