DSF: Guys lets talk...


Guys I am still on tavel, but i wanted to continue the conversation about the future
of the DSF (since that old thread is buried).

So post here your comments and ideas.




Hi Roberto, it seemed when we last left, you were holding back on some cool information until the time was right. Is there anything you can share now?


Hi Daniel.
Some efforts are being done behind the scenes to help the voting process across the board.
As soon as I find out more about them I will let you guys know.



Sounds great!


How about making this thread a sticky with some title like “Daily Sketch Forum suggestions and feedback” so that anytime anyone can make suggestions about improving DSF.
It can also be used as administrator help for reporting current irregularities like topic name and number duplication which I’ve seen to happen from time to time. In this way Roberto can detect anything out of ordinary much easier and also respond timely to ideas about the forum.


Good idea,




what about “line art only” and “no visible line art” challenges? Something for the sake of practise :smiley:


Roberto, today’s topic “fisheye” we had it recently http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=130&t=907269
Let’s pick another one:)


Sorry for missing that one Oz,
I will try to be more watchful in the future.


I like this.
On the other hand, maybe it should be encouraged but optional? Something that could be (added) to topic suggestions?


Small suggestion regarding the time limits. Even though I am not the perfect example of respecting the time deadlines I would suggest to make the limits more rounded and voting more focused on it. 30MN, 60MN, 90MN, 120MN, NTL is (IMHO) much closer to pro enviroment rather than …25,30,35,40,45…


Yes JurajMolcak! It seems more logical that way… after all, the pro environment pretty much work by hour not by minute. And it’ll give us much more opportunity to experiment. :slight_smile: Okay, maybe 10 min or 20 min can be included, but longer ones should be too. To me, it’s all about balance and fun. :wink: After all in my opinion, just 5 extra minutes don’t really make any difference.


To me the time limits don’t make any sense for any real life purposes. I’m a free lancer doing mostly corporate design and some artworks for that sector, so I don’t know how things work in a large entertaining companies that create art, but in my experience I’m yet to see or learn about a client or situation where an artist is required to produce a sketch that conveys a complete idea without additional explanation in such deadlines. In the business I’m in, the super fast delivery is - next day. The only things that I know of such fast sketches in real life are the scribbles form art directors given to illustrators that require a lot of explanation about what’s the idea:).

Also, I don’t understand what’s the purpose of the time limits here. If it is for voting purposes, it is very unlikely that everyone will finish in the same time frame. Some will take longer and some shorter than the time limit, so if someone is faster than the time limit, then where do we put the bar for the rest?
When I used to vote, I would completely disregarded the time limit and make my evaluation based on the reported time along with the quality of the sketch, the amount of work required for the style and details needed to convey the idea, and so on. And I think in general that’s the way people vote here anyway. Very often I would see artists who would exceed the time limit but yet thy are much faster for the amount of work done.
The time limit also may prevent some from creating or sharing some great sketches and ideas here that cannot fit the time limit. I understand cutting imagination for big things like movie budgets but this is just a sketch for god sake:). How crucial for art creation in real life can be minutes or hours? :slight_smile:

If the time limit is for trying to find out what we can do in certain amount of time, that’s also very hard to achieve because there is so many ways and workflows that certain stage from an artwork won’t tell much neither for what was actually done or will be done unless a complete explanation or real time video capture is made.

Also, since most people finish after or before the time limit and sometimes by a big difference, I find it ridiculous when the sketch of the week collection is posted in the main forum. I don’t know how people who don’t know the details will take this DSF seriously when they read 45 min sketch and actually looking and 2.5 - 3 hours work. The same goes to the opposite too, if someone makes a quick but nice sketch much faster than the time limit some people may think its nice but why took so long.

I think the time limits should be dropped off but required to report the time. It is very obvious that everyone tries to work as fast as possible, do we need time limits to help us with this?
Just my 2 cents:)


Ok guys, how do you feel about the time limits?


To me the time limits are good for comparasion. It is somehow educative to see how other folks deal with the theme within some boundaries, thats why I suggested some other limitations too. I like the fact that I can organise my time better once I know how long should I work on DSF entry.

This “rule” is often ignored or simply forgotten. There is no filtration thus the time limits are contraproductive. Drop them off or make the rule somehow sharp :wink:


Yeah, I think Okzorg stated it very well. Have the artist state their time but not be dictated by it.


Time limits are good. This is a sketch forum, not a polished work forum. If you want to go over time that is fine, just post a w.i.p. of what you had done when the time limit hit along with your finished work.


I like the TLs as they are, the 120mins could be a tiny bit more frequently (IMO).

Some random suggestions for the DSF-specials:

  • pencil-courses: drawing hands, legs, torso, special landscapes, surfaces etc. (for those without a scanner: simple rules : 1 brush, 1 brushsize and black/white only)
  • drawing styles (JurajMolcak mentioned lineart and “no visible line”-art all ready) I think there are a lot more to go…matte-painting, expressionism, cubism, futurism or even photomontage / retouche etc.

-mash up my sketch (this would work as a sticky thread only…)
The thread starts with one given sketch. The 1st person who replies got to post the text: locked (placeholder). Now he can nick the image and draw on top of it, change it until he’s happy. After uploading, he can edit his reply and post the new version of the sketch. Now it open for the next artist to give his love or hate to the sketch. :slight_smile: Just an endless mutation of 1 image by many artists could be fun.

Sorry for my bad english…I hope you got the point.


I agree the 120tl is good. Not very excited about drawing style limitations. I do really like the mash up sketch idea though!


Good ideas guys, keep em coming.