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DSF Future…Lets talk

Guys I want to review the the rules for the Daily Sketch Forum,
and I am looking for your input.

Some ideas I am toying with are:
[li]Should we simplify the rules?[/li][li]Should we eliminate the time limits?[/li][li]Should we start closing threads 48 hours after they have been posted?[/li][li]Should we use stopwatches?[/li][li]Should we do a weekly review?[/li][li]Should I do more special 3d stuff like the ONUTS?[/li][/ul]Looking forward to your ideas and comments.


Wonder if anyone can find cached pages of that thread?


The rules are fine, they look pretty simple to me already.

The time limits are ok, they help you improve your speed in my opinion.

No, don’t close the threads 48 hours after, some people may not have time to draw in that period, they may be busy. It’s better if they closed after 1 week

stopwatches, I really don’t understand what that is.

A weekly review. You mean like posting all the drawings that have been done in the week in one thread? sure, why not.

The 3d stuff would be cool.


I found the cash but it will take forever to clean it up!

but I have like 9 “Reply to post 'DSF Future…Lets talk” mails after my post if that will do?


[li]Should we simplify the rules?[/li][li]They are simple as it is.[/li][li]Should we eliminate the time limits?[/li][li]No.[/li][li]Should we start closing threads 48 hours after they have been posted?[/li][li]only when the voting thread is posted.[/li][li]Should we use stopwatches?[/li][li]It could be interesting.[/li][li]Should we do a weekly review?[/li][li]That would be nice.[/li][li]Should I do more special 3d stuff like the ONUTS?[/li][li]I think we should stick to 2d.[/li][/ul]


I haven’t participated too much, but I would like to more often.

[li]Should we simplify the rules? Rules seem fine.[/li][li]Should we eliminate the time limits? I like the mix of short and long time limits.[/li][li]Should we start closing threads 48 hours after they have been posted? Close when voting begins[/li][li]Should we use stopwatches? What is meant by that exactly?[/li][li]Should we do a weekly review? Could be cool.[/li][li]Should I do more special 3d stuff like the ONUTS? Yes.[/li][/ul]My main comment would be to simplify the voting. I know you’ve had something in the works for a long time, but honestly what stops me from participating more often is how annoying and time consuming it is to vote. Wouldn’t it be possible to just have a vote at the end of each thread and then have a vote by a poll for the sketch of the week? I don’t know if that’s the best idea, but there has to be some way to streamline the process.



Please continue to post here:
DSF Future…Lets talk


egads Roberto, ha ha I don’t remember what I said… I think it was something along the lines of the timed scetches are cool and my timer ticking gets the adrenaline flowing


I think the rules are ok as they are.
I agree that the time limits do help you improve your speed. Although I’m still nowhere near completing a finished product within the limits, haha.

Yes. A weekly review would be nice. Could be more like a weekly crit session. One of the things that can help us improve the most is the imput from our fellow artists, and of course, the forum leader. So a crit session would be very, very helpful.

Stopwatches…nah, not really.

Integration with 3D…yes. It’s becoming more and more popular nowadays, so it’s a good way to keep up with new trends, and tackle different challenges.


Same thing- basically - I like the having some longer time limits- there’s no way more of a beginner can get something to looks like something in 15min, so usually I don’t even try to participate unless it was over 45min. On the other hand, more experieced people would enjoy the challenge.

Also- It would be nice to have a voting system- some threads allready have pictures that are way better than I could ever do(with my current skills), and even if the idea doesn’t flow well with the topic, the ability, and level of skill can be incredible.


They’re simple enough, I’d say.[b]

I love the time limits, especially the short ones. How about if whoever does not draw with the time limit doesn’t get to be considered for SOTW?

Or, to solve the short time limit problem, we could just have two. One long one and one short one for each topic.

I’d recommend 5 - 7 days.

I’m all for a way to be more truthful with how much time we took to sketch.[b]

[/b]Sounds awesome!

I like ONUTS, but haven’t had a chance to submit. 3D stuff sounds fun, but seems a little out of place here…


This going to sound strange but are my configurations for the DSF wonky? Because many people have a hard time finding the newest topic thread, but for me it always appears at the top, regardless of the last posting time. When I view the DSF, the threads are consistently ordered in regard to when Roberto first posted them, not the last posting date. Moreover, because this is true regardless of my login status and because I haven’t altered any of the display settings, I’m hesitant to believe it’s something I did. Because of that, I find it difficult to comprehend what other people are seeing when they can’t find the newest topic.

The only thing I have to add that hasn’t been reiterated a lot would be regarding the FAQ. The FAQ is treated as a discussion at the moment, not a reference and I believe that to be unhelpful. I tried to collect most of the information to display it in a single post, but I now realize that was a silly effort since my post is at the end of the FAQ and most sketchers are too busy to read to the end. I guess I believe that there should be a single FAQ reference forum and then another sticky forum for any other questions people have later and when those questions are answered, those questions and answers will simply be edited into the FAQ post as well.


Ok good ideas…

To all keep please the ideas em coming.



No, it’s not wonky it was like that for me forever until about a month ago, now the forums are lined up by which one was posted in last. It’s really annoying, and if anyone knows how to change it back please tell.

Oh and I agree about the FAQ. It all needs to be organized.



I noticed one day it was screwed up in the DSF and the 2D Illustration section but in my case it’s all come right back for me. I didn’t change any settings. Well no, there is something. But, I’m not sure it makes any difference. I do clean up my browser’s cache and temporary internet files daily. The reason I mention this, is that sometimes when I edit a post, the changes don’t show up when I’m logged out (for me at least) until I clear that information because my computer thinks I’ve already got the proper information and isn’t requesting the new information. Mind you, I’m not the most computer savvy person so this may be just an interesting coincidence.

Other than that, I don’t think I’m doing anything differently and I use common browsers (IE and Firefox).


Hey it worked! You’re a lifesaver. I’ll post this in the FAQs…


Awesome! It really bugged me for just the one day everything was out of order. I can’t imagine having to live with that for a whole month. There’s just no way to figure out what you missed in the interim, especially in the 2D section. That was a good idea to post it in the FAQ as well.


Haha, yeah it’s horrible, I stopped checking the forum for a while because of it.

Well it seemed like the best thing to do, i think a lot of people have that problem.


Mr. Ortiz,

I’ve been pondering over some of the posts and I disagree with the implementation of a stars rating system. Personally, I think it’s only going to serve to increase the competitiveness of the forum with people aiming to gather the most stars. That and the rating systems already suffer much abuse in the other forums so I can’t see it being different here. After all, someone could just rate something but not give an opinion and in a forum that values fun and learning, stars without comments aren’t very useful. As such, I believe the weekly review would be far more beneficial. Perhaps the weekly review thread could feature randomly selected sketches from the week’s topics and display them for in-depth critique? Although, that might be quite a bit of work on your part and you’re busy enough as it is. It’s just a thought. Or, you could bring back the hyper-review threads. I really miss those.

Regardless, after the initial charm of stars wore off, I started to think they would not be as helpful as I first thought. But, that’s just my humble opinion.


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