Dryulya-Time Travel_WIP


Hey. I am pleased to take part in the Challenge.
All participants look very good. I wish you luck.
I hope that my work you like it too.


Looking good! Seems a few of us had a pod shape idea. I like how you made the glass enclosure the display as well. Very nice. Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you dborruso. To you too good luck. :slight_smile:


Experienced video upload. I continue to develop the concept. :rolleyes:


I continue to develop the concept.


Wow! that’s slick! You are doing a tv ad, correct? I am looking forward to it. What other software are you using to create the ad when you get to video? I’m doing the print design category, so far I just am using openoffice for the layout, hopefully I can do all I want with that, I’ll see.


Thank you very much.
I paint concept in Mari. In the UV mapping window.
I hope to make a video using Modo and Nuke. :slight_smile:


chamber for time travel will unfold like a flower.
And I think it would be better if the character will stand.


Wow! Nicely done. Could we get some screenshots of the concept painting in the Mari viewport? I’d love to show it to some people.

Jack Greasley
Mari Product Manager


Many thanks Jack Greasley.
I am very pleased that you liked it. :slight_smile:
Here’s a short video from the viewport Marie.


Looking really interesting, Dryulya! An ambitious entry.


Awesome work Dryulya!


Many thanks Spyndel. :slight_smile:


Love that machine!

Also love how you do the concept in Mari :wink:


Spyndel, crowejohn20, CB_3D. Thank you friends. I am pleased to participate in this competition with you. :slight_smile: :beer: :slight_smile:


Animation of large objects.


Looking excellent! Keep going!


Thank you friend. :slight_smile:


Love your concept!!! I hope that you’ll be able to finish it, lot of work is ahead, but I wish you good luck man!!


Thanks JanJinda. I hope that I will have enough time to finish. :slight_smile: :argh: :scream: