Drosera - macro/DOF test, Kurt Singstad (3D)


Title: Drosera - macro/DOF test
Name: Kurt Singstad
Country: Norway

I modeled this “drosera”-like plant (insect eating plant) to test the DOF/bokeh capabilities of the Luxology render engine.
Modeled in microstation V8i
rendered in Luxology Render, beta version (integral in Microstation)

Comments and critics are welcome!


Repetitive patterns mmmm good. Very interesting to look at. I like.


hey i LIkeee isss crazyyyy o_0…:stuck_out_tongue:


Being a collector of drosera and other carnivorous plants, I took an immediate liking to this. Interesting and unique! The DOF looks really nice.


Nice work man

much rewards


woow i like it too much camera angel excellent material splendid the environment wonderful
the idea is perfect 5 star


This is a great work!
4* from me~


Perfect DOF!!!


thanks a lot for your comments! Much appreciated!

A wireframe might not be so interesting for this kind of simple scenes, but here is one anyway :slight_smile: :


looks great! :thumbsup:


strange thing… =)
but i like it great dof and nice shader.


DOF turned out quite well. Good job on this!


WOW! dude
It seems like virus under the microscope:)
Damn it ! I’m really like it !




nothing but Awesome!
what was render time


the rendering time was long due to the DOF and the fact that the original is 3200 px wide (I think). It was 10-12 hours I believe.


Luxology’s Nexus renderer definitely seems to be showing some legs. There’s a little too much gritty noise, but the reflection/refraction and light dispersion complexity in this is pretty inspiring to see.


Any chance you could upload the 3200px wide version, wouldnt mind that as a background wallpaper! :stuck_out_tongue:


sure, HERE it is. But you will have to do some cropping to use it as wallpaper, and you will probably also notice that the noise is even more noticable in this size…


Ah thank you, looking quite nice on my dual screen setup :). Again thanks !