Droit Labor Mech, Chris Wilson (3D)


Title: Droit Labor Mech
Name: Chris Wilson
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Here is another still from my upcoming Nerm film. This is a small robot that does all types of small jobs throughout the city. This is one of the last of the background characters for the film.

He was created in 3D Studio Max, with textures created in Photoshop.

Thanks for viewing

You can view my old Nerm film at Chris Wilson Online


Great work, beautiful environment too. The robots are perfect! :thumbsup:


very great ligthing and texturing !

vg Schned


Very nice scene! I like these robots a lot, they a bit reminds me pit-droids from Star Wars I. :slight_smile:


totally agree with the pit droids … very cool picture


Very Good Job … Lighting it very very good


Reminds me of those worker droids in starwars pod racing. Nice rendering.


OK work! congradulate


Lovely image, you have a really cute character. You could develop so many more scene with him and build in some real humour.

Good Job.


Hey man,

Beautiful work, as someone mentioned, it totally reminds one of Star Wars. The bot looks really good with the lighting and textures you have there.
The only thing that is a bit off for me is that all of the bots have the exact same texture, so the same cracks in the paint and dirty marks. If you have the time it would definatly help to vary the texture bot to bot.
Other then that, great work man!!! :)\



really superb character and textures/lighting-I love your work! I’ll look forward to the film very much.


great job on that still. The little bot thats carryign the othe rone reminds me of the ones form Batteries Not Included if youve ever seen that movie. IM dling the animation right now ill post back on how it was!


Nice characters. I like the concept


very very nice work man…
great texture and robot design…
i always want to creat my own robot…and u are the inspiration for me right now…
keep doing~~~


so prety…light and textures
and robots :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Looks good Chris!

The neck hinges needs some servos or Hydraulics…Just a thought.


Well done on the positioning, it’s the simple details you’ve brought in that give the render some life.

Also, nice touch on the subtle DOF, I like it!


Great…:)…nice light and textures…:slight_smile:


the texture and lighting are so real , great work ~


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