Droid By Feng Zhu Design Sketches, Sergey Aleynikov (3D)


Title: Droid By Feng Zhu Design Sketches
Name: Sergey Aleynikov
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

These droid is created by Feng Zhu design sketches. It’s a medical bot with a syringe. Two hands (legs :wink: and when he walks, he moving, like Sibulba from Star Wars I. Ouh my bad English… :slight_smile:
URL to original concept: http://www.fengzhudesign.com/vehi/vehi_feng_image15.JPG
P.s. Feng, if you see these image - don’t take offence! And if you want, I present 3d model to you. :slight_smile:


Interesting droid design. Wouldn’t let that thing near me even if it is “medical”:smiley: .


good job :cool: i like it


Wow really cool concept!

I also like the render.

Great work:beer:

But it is a little creepy


Hi all. I’m sorry for the background. If you notice - it’s clear… so I’m don’t work with it. The scene is need a much of details, dramaturgy and action. But the model is not ready to these - it’s static. I need more information about links and IK, to control the pose of the model. Help with these, if you can. :slight_smile: Snx.


:love: good very good


I really like it. This one stands out. It’s very sexual and detailed. Keep it up!


“head” device design looks excelent, cold and hard cutting edge design core, metalic stuff, with slight soft lines for biological impression, very well rendered. Not totally convinced by legs, look too thin, but maybe stuff dat work on paper don’t always work when modelised? Or maybe it’s just me :slight_smile: ?! haha!

Now would be nice to see it in scene, no?


Just remaked model. More details, more insecty.


I saw the original sketch by Feng Zhu.
Of course the original art work is cool but I think you’ve
succeed to build it into something that really seem to move around.
Great work!


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