Drogo, Baolong Zhang (3D)


Title: Drogo
Name: Baolong Zhang
Country: United Kingdom

Hi there, Here is my final version of Drogo, I did with my spare time,He is a really cool character in Game of thrones,but shame he will never come back ,sadly ,and hope you like this ,Cheers!


Great work! The details are all excellent as is the overall impression of the picture, but I especially like the personality and character you’ve put into his face and body language. Even the eyes have this same quality, which seems pretty rare to me!


Very realistic char and good lighting.


Award! Facial and body expressions are amazing!


thanks guys :slight_smile: here is a close up with another lights set up


Superb, his physique and overall rendering is excellent :applause:


Well, is not bad, i mean…wow :eek:


First i thought to see an operatic tenor here. But your description made it clear that the opera is still waiting to be written. However, lighting and contrast are simply superb, giving the picture that rare eye-popping effect! Excellent! :thumbsup:


Excellent resemblance. The skin shader and textures could be improved in my opinion, but that’s just me. Again, amazing resemblance, great modeling, kudos to you for that. :slight_smile:


Just amazing, you captured him perfect.


Its so realistic, i like hair.


Thanks guys for the kind words, here is a little earlier version model shoot inzbrush and Maya screens , Cheers!


Great work!!!:applause::applause::applause:


Great work.
Posted it on the blog.


Oh man Look so great. Congratz you captures it very well.


Very nice . . . but I think he looks a tad too friendly. Kinda smooth.



amazing:beer: congratulation


Nice work ,I like it!


Holy sh*t that’s good. Great work!!!


Hair ends and division level decrease a little bit overall detail quality. However , all hairs are almost superblack.

After all,i think Drogo deserves an award. Stunning. :beer: