Driver Nightmare on a Quadro 3000fx...PLZ Help!


Im having some troubles installing a NVIDIA driver on my first built workstation, using a “new” NVIDIA quadro 3000fx card (bought used on Ebay).

First I tried this on a freshly installed WinXp 64-bit (w/ sp1) and when that didn’t work I installed a good old winxp pro.

Here’s my problem! Every time I install a new NVIDIA driver + reboot…my display goes crazy (scrambled pink boxes) when windows starts up!
Also, when I install the NVIDIA driver + DON’T reboot yet + go to system->device manager and update the display adapter so it finds the quadro + set the resolution above the default 640x480…display goes crazy again!

My card is from NVIDIA (not PNY) and I’ve tried many quadro drivers I found at such as:

During the MAXtreme driver’s installation, I got an error saying: “Setup could not detect an NVIDA workstation graphic card to use with NVIDA %P™. Please install an NVIDIA graphic card”
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated because Im running out of ideas!! :banghead:

P.S. Im using a Tyan Thunder MB and I’ve already updated the latest motherboard’s AMD AGP Chipset Driver + AMD Driver Pack.


bad luck maybe,
I have a quadro glx 750, have the same porblem. (orange boxes crazy fly, windows frezze) .Hardware is damanged(memory i guess).


make sure the card is completelt seated in the slot.

If not it t sounds like a memory issue. I had the same problem with a PNY quadro and had to RMA it. Unfortunately, you don’t have that option. The card you have is an Nvidia sample which the guy shouldn’t have sold. You should get your money back from him. It’s also quite possible what you have isn’t a quadro at all but a modified 5900.


Sorry can your tell me what is [RMA]? by the way my card is pny also, but I live in japan, here in japan have no PNY’s reseller, cant have my card fixed.


One thought.

If the card is modded, how can I see if it’s a fake?


In the AGP Chipset Bios, I get these options:
- AGP Data Transfer RAte: 4x/8x
- Aperture Size: 256mb
- PW Enable: enabled

- P Data Drive Strength: Auto Comp
- N Data Drive Strength: Auto Comp
- P Strobe Drive Strength: Auto Comp
- N Strobe Drive Strengh: Auto Comp

Even though my Quadro 3000fx has 256mb ram, I managed bypass the crazy pink boxes on windows startup by changing the Bios Aperture Size to 128mb (I just put 256mb before because I saw that recommended for this card).

Even though Im now able to start windows normally, after installing the NVIDIA drivers, I get automatic detection “Found new hardware - NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000” followed by a “Found new Hardware Wizard” windows saying:
Cannot install this hardware
There was a problem installing this hardware
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)
An error occured during the installation on the device
Access is denied

Does this indicate that it’s a modded 5900 card…or is the card’s memory flawed?


Stupid question, did you attach both molex connectors to the video card?


Listing all the computer hardware might help narrow the problem down. Are you able to try the card in another machine? Have you tried removing any other cards so you boot with just the Graphics card?

During the MAXtreme driver’s installation, I got an error saying: “Setup could not detect an NVIDA workstation graphic card to use with NVIDA %P™. Please install an NVIDIA graphic card”

Maxtreme isn’t a driver for the card it is a custom driver for running MAX viewports.



Ehm, both molex connectors? :eek:
I only connected ONE 4-pin power plug (the one used when powering f.ex hard drives) to the quadro card (see:
I thought that NVIDIA quadro 3000fx has the same power connectors as the PNY. PNY doesn’t mention any second power plug.

After closely examening the card, I DID find a possable small 12-pin connector!!
However, I can’t find the same 12-pin plug on the Tyan Thunder motherboard (for a possable cable connection).

I’ve been told on cgtalk forums that the NVIDIA quadro 3000fx is not an AGP PRO 110W card (that almost belongs to wildcat cards) so the Tyan Thunder motherboard shouldn’t need the SSI Workstation 6-pin extra SSI power supply (it’s optional).
The Tyan motherboard manual says: "You also have an opton of using an SSI V3.0 spec workstation power supply. This is only necessary when an AGP PRO 110W card is used.

Thanks a lot for the help! :slight_smile:


My mistake, I meant the one.


Well, anyway I found a pic of the card’s 12-pin plug I was talking about

It’s in the upper left corner.



I don’t think it’s a power issue, because even if you don’t plug in that plug, the card will still install fine, you will get a message from the driver saying the connector is not connected, or, your system will reboot when the card is under stress.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sounds to me like a bum card off ebay. Typically when you get garbled boxes you have bad memory, or overclocked memory on the card.

Sounds like the card was half fried in a storm maybe, and then the guy sold it on ebay to get rid of it.


before you start thinking the card is damaged, completely uninstall all old Nvidia drivers 1st. clean it all out. remove the card. give the fans a clean, plug it back in, clip it in place and connect everything you are told to connect in the manual. boot up. it should detect it automatically and install default XP drivers. there should definitely not be a problem at this point. any garbled images at this point strongly suggests the card is damaged. if all is well, install the latest quadros (not maxtreme or any other modded drivers, just plain old nvidia forcewares). reboot. boot and see what happens.

good luck!


I just finished installing winxp pro once AGAIN (for the third time).
I still get the same crazy pink boxes when booting up after installing the lastest NVIDIA Quadro driver (guess it worked before on the last winxp installation, because I used “use last good configuration” a lot when it went crazy).

I think Im gonna try to contact the one who sold me the card on Ebay (think it´s a company that sells a lot on Ebay). I think he once said this card was pulled from a company´s workstation, so I guess he could play dum with me. I´m too late to give him a bad rep comment, but I still can report a follow up (if I´m stuck with a broken card).
Is there any chance of RMA to the NVIDIA manufacturer if the memory on the card is fried? What papers do I need (are the ebay papers enough?). Just feel a little stupid about this whole thing, letting myself be tricked like that.
AHHH I payed $850 for this card and I totally can´t afford a new one!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Thanks for all your help, guys :thumbsup:


did the package you won come with a warranty or guarantee or anything like that? i’m not too up on this sort of thing, but it does sound like a hardware problem. if you’re getting errors even booting into windows, that’s usually hardware based unfortunately.

i would start by sending a polite e-mail to the seller and ask him to offer a refund 1st. be as nice as possible ie “im sure you knew nothing about this, but…”

check his TOS and see if there’s a way you can guarantee a replacement or refund.

im sure you’ll be able to sort it out with him rather than going through ebay or nvidia themselves.


hmm, thats probably why it was so cheap, no warranty or guarantee


No, because if Nvidia did infact make the card, it was a sample and should not have been sold on ebay. Nvidia doesn’t sell to endusers so you can’t get another card from them.


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