Driver 4 Character, Rich Wright (3D)


Title: Driver 4 Character
Name: Rich Wright
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Lightwave 3D, Maya, Photoshop

This is one of the 30 characters created for our latest FMV project “Driver 4”. Modelled and rendered with lightwave, rigged and animated with Maya. Ark produced over 30 minutes worth of animation for the game, made up of Sixteen separate scenes set in over 20 different locations. Crits welcome, we will post more images as they become available.


:thumbsup:,grate work, very good.


wwoooa! nice ligthing and shaders…nice hair too!!!

five from me!:thumbsup:


absolutely GREAT! reminds me a bit of samuel jackson…where are the other 29 characters??? i want to see!!:smiley:


Nice work 5Stars from me


awesome work, congrats!



now that is something i will cal FULLONNNN work… :scream: . skin texture, hairs … simply gr8 and above all his eyes… very much realistic.

i m waiting to see more images from ur short.


I don’ post often… but… this !!
wouahh… :bounce:


Impressive, grate work.

The hair, the skin, the eyes are amaizing and the dof give it grate real look.

five star for me.


Awsome work. Its not to often you see African American models for some reason. But i have to say this being the best ive even seen. Congratz. Reminds me of shaft alittle lol…


very nice ligthing and shaders…great hair…:banghead:

------------ 5 **** stars ---------------


really pretty :thumbsup:


o man! unbelievable! thats something! thats ralism! you are the man!!5* and i wish to give more :slight_smile:
i have to change occupation…!:slight_smile:


Fantastic! :thumbsup:


Damn nice work y’all, is this a high-rez still for publicity, or is the entire project this realistic?



Great work!


Absolutely amazing. Details are awesome, I really like the spec on hair and mustache. Good job man



Nicely done! Looking forward to the rest and “Driver 4.” :slight_smile:


Incredibly done! And you not even use ZBrush! Five thumbs up to you!


Simply unbelievable!

Great modelling, shaders and lighting! Everything!
I ain’t got words to describe this work!