Drifters: Prophecy and Destiny


Who is Ultimate Eclipse Game Team?

In 2012 Ultimate Eclipse Studio (www.ultimate-eclipse-studios.com) was founded by Damer Swack and D’jarni Braithwaite. Its simple goal was to create a company within the entertainment sector. Now its Founders is interesting in creating a game.
Group Name is Ultimate Eclipse Interactive. Logo in the making.

U.E.I. is a gaming development team founded by D’jarni Braithwaite. While he has limited experience in game creation, (does anyone really when they first start?) he has spirit. He has creativity and most importantly he has me and his brother.

My name is Sollo Reacon, and I’m the co-project manager, I’ve had previous experience in creating game. Also I’ve obtained experience in modeling, and Special FX in various software (No professional experience).

Demar is the team programmer (Not the greatest but he can handle some the basics stuff we need for beta), also level designing, even a little modeling and he can do rigging. He has experience in creating games.

What is Drifters: Legend of Ultar?

A Magical Fantasy based MMORPG about pirates who got ship wreck in an abnormal storm and awoke on a strange Magical Island called Avalon. Confused and clueless as how to get home these pirates find themselves in the middle of a war happening on the Island where the natives are fighting over an ultimate power source. These pirates (players) must now choose a Fraction and fight in the on-going war which is happening on the island. They are now branded as the “Drifters”, so now the war between the Drifters has begun.

Storyline removed and replace with short description.


You are the pirates, so now you must pick a side to fight for, pick your character, develop you skills and spells and lead that side to victory. (In a nutshell)

The Detail Explanation isn’t need because WE ARE NOT BUILDING THE FULL MMO IN UDK.

What we will be building is an RPG TECH DEMO of the MMO game NOT the FULL MMO GAME ON THE UDK. It is possible but it’s a lot of stress no one has time to put up with.

So once again this is a small RPG Tech Demo of MMO. NOT the MMO Game, but full Version will be an MMO game.

Note:We are also planning to develop this Tech Demo into a Single Player game and market it. Its our goal for getting money to pay team and finance the big project.
Realistic no one is going to work on a tech demo which ain’t going to make them no money, we will not be wasting your time nor skill, we will develop the game into a Nice single player game and market it. This way we get money to continue working on game or make a new one.

Gamer’s Nut shell

In a nut shell the game is basically a Capture the flag style Game where the MMO World is huge and has no specific storyline which shapes its out come. We will allow players to do pretty much what ever they want, and sub stories will generate randomly as game world changes. An example of this is, if Red team capture blue flag from Territory B, then this area will format a random sub story which its quests will be based from the event. (still working on that systems)

But The MMO Idea is still in development process we want to focus all the thoughts for now into the Tech Demo or Single Player Game.

The Idea behind this is simple give player a taste of the MMO world, while also raising Funds for MMO Project, or depends on how things turn out funds will be used to start a new game project.

This single player Game/Demo (Drifters: Prophecy and Destiny) is a storyline based on one the first set of pirates who arrived on the island, which will help player understand game world and get them ready for the MMO Version. Players will Play as a vice captain who now will become a warrior of the people by proven that he has what it takes to survive and fight for the people of the Forests (Circle of Mages).

What Can You Get Out Of This Project?

While we cannot directly pay you for your services and help, there are still many ways in which you will be rewarded.

->More experience in your area of expertise, as well as in other areas as you work with our team.
->You will gain friendships that won’t be forgotten. Here at U.E.G, while we are quite serious about our work, we spend a lot of time having fun talking with each other and developing new friendships.
->Your portfolio will grow in size and skill.
->Ability to improve in areas that you may have wanted to improve on, but haven’t had the help or time to.

->Royalty percentage once we sell game!
->Or payment once we get funded!

Ultimate Eclipse Game Team Members:

D’jarni Braithwaite
Main Story Writer
Head Project Manager

Sollo Reacon
Assistant Story Writer
Co-Project Manager
3D Modeler (Hard Surface)

Demar Swack
Co-Project Manager
Lead Programmer
3D Modeling (Hard Surface Only)

Tin Lee
Lead Enviornment Artist

Character Concept Artist

Christian Stewart
Role: Network Programmer (working on server meanwhile we do single player Tech Demo)

Victor Lammert
Environment Concept Artist

Dario Furlan
Character Modeler

Sound Design

Victor Lammart
Environment Concept Artist

Fran Alonso
Character/Creature Modeler

Aris Dragon
Creature Modeler

Declan Fay

Jeremy Satcher
Props modeler

There are more members, but will update after we finish putting up website which will be up in the next 7-10 days.

New Works

Some of out concept arts.

Testung our world systeming, night day, glowing, wind…

New video…


here are some concept arts of environment:

Characters and Creature Concept arts:


Some Finished Models:

What We Are Looking For:

All we will be needing now is a Animators soon, Music composers (not needed at the moment but can send you applications to us still) and we decide to go with Etreme Audio Recording (E.A.R) as our sound designers

Environment Artist ( Looking 1 more and then positions full)
->UDK Knowledge
->Ability to Create 3D Models for environments and props
->Ability to work with concept art as a basis for creating the 3D models.
->Make low-poly to high-poly models.
->Other Modeling area is a plus (not required)
->Portfolio is essential.

Character/Creature Modeler (need Urgently
->Ability to Create 3D Models for People and Creatures
->Ability to work with concept art as a basis for creating the 3D models.
->Make low-poly to high-poly models.
->Animation/Rigging Knowledge would be extremely awesome. (not required)
->Portfolio is essential.

Lead Character (need urgently)
->Ability to work with concept art as a basis for creating the 3D models.
-> Good skills in character/organic modeling and texturing.
-> Ability to maintain a solid workflow and art style.
->Animation is a plus.
->Portfolio is essential.

Weapon Modeler
->Ability to Create stunning 3D Models for weapons.
->Ability to work with concept art as a basis for creating the 3D models.
->Make low-poly to high-poly models.
->Other modeling fields is a plus. (not required)
->Portfolio is essential.

->Good skills in animation.
->Solid knowledge in UDK anime tree.
->must know how to rig.
->Modeling a bonus.
->Portfolio is essential.

Unreal Script Programmers (need Urgently)
->Must have proficient UDK knowledge and experience.
-> Unreal Script knowledge is imperative and/or Kismet.
->Ability to work with us to make our interesting Gameplay for this RPG.
->Experience is imperative, in RPG games specifically would be amazing.

Need an Unreal Script Programmer to assist our main programmer with Gameplay mechanics, You will be working alongside Demar Swack. We prefer someone who have a good knowledge of Unreal Script.

If you aren’t that experience and want to give it a shot contact us we will Sit and discuss.

We will Also update the post when we need more modelers, riggers, and animators etc…

How To Apply?
If you would like to join our ever growing team, you may contact me via one of these options:

Skype: djarni.braithwaite
Email: support@ultimate-eclipse-studios.com

Note Again: We will be only creating a RPG Tech Demo of our MMO on the udk not the Full MMO.

If you would like to Know More about Ultimate Eclipse Studio you can visit www.ultimate-eclipse-studios.com or simple email support@ultimate-eclipse-studios.com and ask for more info.


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