DreamSpace, walkarch (3D)


Title: DreamSpace

Name: walkarch

Software: 3ds max Photoshop

Submitted: 22nd June 2016

A few months ago, have an idea of this bedroom, i´m working in it for a few weeks, and now, they are the first shots of the concept of dreamspace.


Great lighting and composition!


The lighting is awesome. I love the blue light from a monitor (I gues) really great idea.


Awesome! I do interior renderings like this for a living at the moment, so I really appreciate seeing others work.

How did you do the lighting? What renderer are you using?
Nice level of detail going on here.

Also was this a personal project just for fun?


I don’t know much about what’s right and what’s wrong in interior design and proper construction, and I wonder about the triangle shape of the ceiling which actually following the window structure, is it correct,.