DREAMER CORN, Marcos Nicacio (3D)


Name: Marcos Nicacio
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This is mascot a which I did for a client and in the end I tried to make up a history for him. He is a Corn tired of the country life and decided to travel and know the world beyond the corn plantation.

Hoe you like it, thanks!


nice work :beer:


Wonderful Illustration!!


Nice mood in this picture. The stop sign is a little bit off, but other than that everything looks good, especially the grass


wow~ be excited image!
so cute! i going to corn eat!


whoa!!! the character is so cute!
and the color, i really like it a lot!! very cheerful and it wow me!
it would be awesome if you can make it into an animation!!


oh yes, i agree… i just notice that the stop sign is kinda weird~


i like it the name by this work is very nice
& i like it the modelling with render


Muito massa mano!!!

Amazing one bro…Congrats! :wink:


Very nice. I love his expression.


Great :thumbsup:
Muito bom trabalho!


Beautifull work!


TheKrakan: Hello! thanks mate, glad you like!

theodoru: Thanks! :beer:

Terun: Hi! Yeah, you’re right the stop bus sign is a little bit off… In this scene the grass is real image, only 3D objects are the Corn of course, bus stop sign and the bag. It was a study for matte painting.
Thanks for coment!

idealworld: Hello! Thanks mate… but don’t eat him. He just want to know the world!

jan-foxrenderfarm: Thanks! I tried to give a special attention to color to give a good mood, a day beginning and a perspective for a new life. Yeah, an animation would be great… maybe something comes out.

Mr-Evil-studio: Hi dude! He is just a Dreamer Corn… Thanks fo coment!

machadoj: Opa, fala rapaz! Obrigado =)

Aelirenn: Hello! Yeah, his expression was very important for the scene… He is wondering how is the world beyond that place where he always lived.

Piramide: Valeuuu man!

gega: Really thanks Gega!


Like I said,amazing char and shot,very well done,looks cute!!


Very great design! love the character!


really marvellous job,really got the feel…really well done…i love it…


Fantastic and original character design, well done!


E ai cara… Bonito sobrenome hein?! Hehe
Bom saber que tem gente da familia trabalhando nessa area. Excelente entrevista.

Marcelo nicacio


ahahahah!!! great!!!:slight_smile:


Arkaiko: Hello dude! Really thanks for coment!

victorior: thanks mate, he is really adorable, isnt he?

raoof: Yeah, I tried to give a cool mood, like he is wondering about the life after he get the bus and know the world beyond the field. thanks for coment!

RLM: Hello!
Thanks man, best wishes!

neroart: Hi dude! this is my intentio, a funny scene, think I got it.
thanks for coment!