DREAM GIRL PORTRAIT is this gallery material or what?


Done with photoshop wacom tablet.
Study of portraits, my first one digital painted.


No offense man, but this thread has 0 stars, and until now, 0 replies, and imo, is not quite up to the standards as far as technical rendering as the other pieces in the gallery.

Her face is quite beautiful, but the lower half of the picture has many glaring errors and appears totally flat. Also, the interaction of the background, the hair, the face and the hat seem like they are pasted together. This could defintely become gallery material, but it needs to be improved first.


I really like the face, but as Goon pointed out the lower part could use some work. You did mention that this is your first one digital painted so all I can say is great first time…


i cannot draw wat u did, so, its nice for me,…haha


good critiques here, thanks all!


I like it alot. not sure about CG choice. people are overly picky on those but I guess thats how they keep the super high quality stuff in there.


Just curious, why did you feel the need to post this twice in the same forum? http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=153636


the lighting looks like hollywood 3 light set up, it eliminates shadows so not the best choice for painting where you want to show of the form of your subject :slight_smile:

her mouth is still flat, give it more tone, dark/highlight.


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