Dream #1, Pavel Merkulov (2D)


Title: Dream #1
Name: Pavel Merkulov
Country: Russia
Software: Photo-Paint

it’s an attempt to translate my dream…
My tools: pencil, mouse, CorelDraw, PhotoPaint… and cognac :slight_smile:
Special thanks for the help to my friend Nata Bronetemkina :wink:


Nice work. I like the style.

What sort of animal is that black character?


lol this is very funny I like everything about it good job but whats that black thing


Great style - and really impressive result without a tablet :thumbsup:


This is completely lovely! :thumbsup:




wonders what Freud has to say about your dream :rolleyes:

Ah, I know! This is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ meets ‘Raise the Red Lantern’! Each day the master chooses a favourite for the night. As that creature gets all the favors and priviliges, all the creatures combat to win the the masters favor. The bunny with its light ,fluffy fur is the favorite for this cold night … and there are so many cold nights here. Bringing along the lizard for something special, the black whatcha-callit is afraid of falling in disfavour. With it’s jet-like dark and mysterious skin the whatcha-callit was always a fovourite, but lately this isn’t so. in the meantime, the 1st is now the last, hardly ever winning the masters favor anymore. You are that 1st and feel you no longer get the favors you once received and so many promises are left unkept.

suddenly starts to worry if the story above says nothing about the painting at all … but all the more about the writer! :eek:

Seriously, quite a funny collection of critters you have there.


Very intersting, strange dream, ha? Nice work.


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