Dreadnought render


Hi all

Just working on this dread this week. Finished modeling a UVs and have started on the textures. This is my first full LW project but have read up for a while. Just wondering what you guys think of my textures? Been staring at this project for waaay too long and would love some other ideas.

I know i could put this in WIP forum but i think this Lightwave forum lacks WIPs and personally I love to see LW WIPs so hopefully i can start abit of a revival :stuck_out_tongue:

Havnt really worked into the arm parts but would like to get the red metal spot on before i continue.

Thx all

Will …


Hey thats a really great start!! keep it coming! good form and structure, have you ever played around with Hoser from the worley Taft collection? would be great for all the ( moveable ? ) pipe work. Also check this out : http://home.comcast.net/~normj77/Demo/Rope_Editor_Plugin_for_Lightwave_3D.htm

its a free plugin for creating rope’s, real time editor in Modeller even for pipes.

Good luck!


Looking good :slight_smile:


Worked on it abit today

Improved, would likel some crits



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