Dreadnought, Nik Ainley (3D)


Title: Dreadnought
Name: Nik Ainley
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

A personal picture based on the Warhammer 40k IP. I’ve never done an image in this style before (over the top sci-fi). I was going for a dramatic stylised look rather than photo-real.

The main figure is all 3D and the background is all 2D apart from some small areas of the ground. All rendering done in Mental Ray, all compositing in Photoshop.

A few close up detail shots can be seen here:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Very nice, but I think you should make the lightning a bit thicker/bigger. Right now it looks like it’s hairy.


wonderful details i like it


Stunning. great render


I was thinking - somehow this seemed familiar to me.
De Javu - I got a robot 20% similar to your robot haha! See the attachment. Did it years ago or at least the structure is similar:)

Of course your rendering is much much better - I like the atmosphere and the details.

congra on the great work!


Excellent picture, but I think you’ve missed a bit on the actual W40K design \ style. The dreadnought powerfist looks pretty much like the feet, and not like a human fist. Also there’s usually some remains of a spacemarine inside the dreadnought, hence theres always a hatch to look out, or a the face is behind a mask.


Actually not necessarily, the sarcophogus here is based upon an official design without a vision slot:


There are also multiple dreadnought fist designs, not just the standard clunky one. I based mine on this one:



i think this is fantastic! a very clean and detailed render. you’ve captured the detail and power of the dreadnought which i always find very appealing


Hi there,

fantastic model and great render. I am liking all the details that you put into the model, really makes it pop… :slight_smile:

I would also say that the lightning is a bit to small, and i would also say that the dread is a bit to clean, to much chrome. I think it would be more battle worn and scared :slight_smile:



Very cool, great feel to the model


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