Dreadnaught wip


Hi! Here is something I’ve been working on in Silo. It’s from a concept androidarts.com’s Reaverbot Legends. The characer is called a Dreadnaught.
I’ve modeled everything in Silo and for booleans, uv’s used Blender.

The lower model is where I did all my modeling, the top model is what I exported for smooth groups and uvs etc. I also mark crease edges on the lower model and break them on the top model for areas where edgesplit modifier in blender misses.

viewport screen: I made a lot of iterations of objects, so when I add a “~” to the end of the object name it’s a backup copy or boolean object to hide.

this a render from vray for blender:


it looks good man.


Brilliant work, iron-bear, that’s some clean geometry. I can really appreciate your organization and naming structure, too. I’ve seen a lot of modeler ignore naming their objects. Too bad Silo doesn’t have a layering system. Your customization setup is nice, too. I take it you are using one screen?


makit3d, thanks, yeah i’m using one screen to work, it’s wide though 2560x1440 so I split all my programs half screen. A layering system would be nice, something as simple as alphabetical sorting would help keep more organized.


Sorting options would be great. For now I like to highlight groups of like objects, Copy (ctrl + c), delete then Paste. It puts all the objects at the bottom of the scene list. I do this when things start to get chaotic and I need to organize where they appear in the scene list.


The copy and paste tip sounds good! Wish I would have done that sooner, thanks makeit3d.


I started on the texture:

Just have to slap on some decals now.


Did u use quixel suite when u texturing?if not how could u do such materials?


Gorgeous work iron-bear.

And you’re welcome. (for the tip) :slight_smile:


Thanks makeit3d :slight_smile:
Hi karaislam, I used substance painter to texture.


Unfortunately my original substance painter file got corrupted, so I started over from scratch and here’s where it is now.