DRAWING WORKSHOP 001: Copying the Work of Rubens


Guys / Gals,

               I have been thinking that it might be a really great thing to have ongoing [b]"Figure Drawing Workshops"[/b] that are the virtual equivalent of the real thing. [b]In time,[/b] I would like to try to get [b]real models[/b] to agree to pose for photographs ~ I'm a bit tired of the same SK Fine Art images ~ but there is no assurance that this will be possible. HOWEVER, I would like to kick off the [b]first [/b]Figure Drawing Workshop with a [b]Master work by Rubens,[/b] a painting concerning David and Goliath.
          Basically, this is a "Master & Servant" image, Old School style. :)
               [u][b]Here are the Rules:
               [/b][/u]1. Post[b] DRAWINGS [/b]OR [b]PAINTINGS [/b]of the figures / background in the painting below. Post [i][b]your[/b][/i] [b]BEST WORK[/b] ~ even if it is unfinished. 
               2. Drawings / Paintings may be created using [b]any Traditional or Digital DRAWING / PAINTING medium.  [/b]If you are 3D artist, and feel like participating, by all means feel free. :)
       3. Drawings / Paintings may be [b]Black / White[/b] or [b]Color.
               [/b]4. [b]DO NOT[/b] post images to exceed[b] 600 pixels WIDE[/b] (LENGTH may vary).
               5. The [b]time limit [/b]to post for this Master Copy is[b] Unlimited.
               [/b]6.[b]This is [u]not[/u] a REVIEW [/b]topic per se, but rather an [b]OPEN SESSION[/b] for people to draw.
               7. People may post comments and criticism that is [b]polite and constructive.[/b] Flaming will not be tolerated.
               8. If you [b]do not[/b] wish to have someone else [b]DRAW/PAINT OVER[/b] your image,[b] state this[/b] ~ otherwise others are to [b]assume that DRAW/PAINT OVERS are okay[/b] to do for your piece.
     9. Your[b] FINAL [/b]image should [b]not be traced. [/b] [i]However,[/i] if you wish to do a [b]tracing first,[/b] just as a [b]practice [/b]exercise, feel free to do so ~ so long as your [u]tracing does not become the final piece.
  10. [b]Don't be afraid to post your work [/b]~ we are all learning here, and it is natural that different people are at different levels. :)
  11. Have fun! :)
                [b]Here is the image which is to be copied for this first Drawing Workshop:[/b]
               [b]image source: http://www.statenvertaling.net/beeld/rubens_david_goliath_grt.jpg
               [/b] [left]Good luck, guys / gals! :)


I get a black picture am I the only one?


Hmm…I can see it…that’s odd. Anyone else? Let me relink the picture.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



Piccie no workie. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, fixed :slight_smile:



Hey Lotekk, how is life on the other side of the pacific?

Nice to see you posting here!



do our peices have to be of one or both the figures? of the entire peice? or selections of it? I just got out of summer courses and this would be a great way to get started :slight_smile:


More importantly, can we do caricatures? Since his knobbly weird legs don’t look too realistic at all for instance, it would be fun to do an ol’ geeser with arthritis shooting a bb gun. :D.



I would suggest doing the two main figures, the main props, and a bit of the landscape in the background. I don’t think it’s as important to add the small figures in the background ~ there’s not enough detail to make it really worthwhile ~ I would much rather see you guys lavish attention on the foreground figures than spread yourselves too thin concentrating on the minor details.

Good luck with this! :slight_smile:


Lol, I’d prefer if people NOT do caricatures, as I think the purpose of the Workshop is to increase peoples’ accuracy. :slight_smile: Plus, if you copy Rubens’ painting exactly, what you will wind up with will be wildly exaggerated, anyway. :slight_smile:



try it ~~~:bounce: sketch in SketchBook Pro, need more study later.


off-topic agen COOL ASS! website rebecca! please do sum fantasy art,or sum art for the exotique book coming.



Congratulations on being the first to post! :slight_smile: Happy to see you here. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: My friend Ava Ann did a great job ~ I worship her technical and design skills! :slight_smile: Plus, she’s just a super nice person. Alright, NOOB, it is my mission in life to get you to post more work! :slight_smile: How is the Surreal WIP going? :wink:



i was inspired by you to go back to traditonal,so i’m gunna redraw it up on paper and charcoal etc. then scan it in a colour under it.

sorry i didn’t post in ur last lesson,whens ur next lesson starting?i’ll be sure to post sum stuff.



Hey, that’s cool to hear! I am thrilled you’ll be doing traditional work and copying the Old Masters ~ I think the bigger the person you pit yourself against, the better you’ll become. I think there’s a psychological thing that happens when you go to copy someone’s work you really admire. You kind of don’t want to knock down your idol, so in some small part of your mind you hold yourself back. That’s why it’s good to go after the biggest fish in the lake, because basically, you’ll have way more room to grow than if you only pit yourself against the best contemporary artists you can think of. And that, tadpole, is the cookie fortune lesson of the week. :slight_smile:

The next Lesson should start sometime shortly after Aug. 5th. Hope to see you (and your work!) there. :wink:



So here it is then - you could have chosen an easier pic for an “ice breaker” tho! :smiley:

Will try to get some stuff out for this soon.


Hey, if it were easy, t’would be no fun! :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing your work!:slight_smile:



thanks, rebeccak. once again.


Ok here is my inital sketch and values… I will continue a bit later…

Feel free to pull apart … thats why im here… :slight_smile:


well got to stop thats my lunchtime
gone… :slight_smile:

step 2


just a quick gesture, then started filling in curves, a little shading

far far from finished. the pose is a bit off, i think, but too late to fix it haha.

comments/crits welcome.


It sounds interesting … may be I will try it since I need a lot of practice :slight_smile:
btw if someone would be intenterested in little more bigger image then here is the link
its 656x830 not that big but I haven’t found anything bigger
btw that link on the first page doesn’t work for me … but I can see picture quite fine :slight_smile:

to zhuzhu: nice crosshatching especially on the upper arm may be I should try it that way too … who knows

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