Drawing Videos


Well it was supposed to happen sooner or later. I mean almost all the forums here have a “”" video tutorial threads.

So here we go,

Any there any good (or not so good) traditional sketching, drawing, painting Videos tutorials out there?

Most art tutorials are in books and if anything art.drawing tutorials should mostly be in video form. Its very frustrating to see a Line in a book that turns into a mountinous landscape in the next picture, and then they tell you that that was easy!

Some Videos i know of are

Bob Ross Painting.

Simply Painting

Drawing on the right side of the brain (at the end of this videos it shows the lady drawing a portrait of a guy which is very cool)

ummm thats all i know.

Anything else?


Gnomon have some concept art DVDs, although I think they may not be for beginners (apologies if you’re not a beginner)


I would highly recommend the Daniel Greene portrait drawing videos as well as Mark Westermoe’s drawing demos (www.associatesinart.com). If you are just starting out, I would suggest purchasing videos/books that teach how to draw from observation rather than ones that emphasize design and drawing from memory (like most Gnomon videos, which are more about compostition, design, materials, software, etc.)


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