Drawing to other media


Have any of you guys experienced a time when what you created doesn’t match what you drew? For example, you draw sometime pretty decent but when you translate it to a different media: acrylic, water color, pencil crayons, digital, etc., what you get is less than spectacular. Is there a way to bridge them? I read somewhere Lunatique mentioning how painting and drawing should flow and there’s no real difference… I dont know maybe its how I’m using the media is wrong or I’m missing something with going from pencil to something involving colors. Any tips in how to translate my pencil stuff to a different media would be appreciated, thanks!


Can you post some of your failed attempts so we can troubleshoot where thing went wrong?


Heh thanks lunatique, that would make sense… here’s 2 that I haven’t thrown away.

this was done september 2013 with acrylics

then this done in dec 2013 through drybrush technique


Neither examples look finished to me–they look more like underpainting or basic block-ins instead of finished works. Why not continue with them and finish them to the best of your ability?

Another thing–it’s a bad idea to just do pencil drawing and then try and turn it into a full-blown painting. A pencil drawing like the ones you did have no planning at all in the lighting, values, tonal composition, color palette, etc. A complete preparation for a piece should include thumbnail studies of how the color palette, the lighting, the overall tonal composition should look. After you’ve worked out all those issues on a small scale, you can then go into the full-blown piece with confidence, already knowing exactly how everything should look. The minute details are the least important because if your image doesn’t have strong structural support at the basic level, the details are just going to be sitting on a weak foundation anyway.


Oh my thank you! I don’t know why it was never pointed out to me by my teachers. I had to hand them in at that state due to the lack of time. And yeah they never talked about the its not a good idea to just do a pencil drawing and turn it into a painting-- (guess this is where I was getting lost in the transition), they told use to make thumbnails but it was more focused on composition placement as opposed to the stuff you said. But thanks, you just gave me the missing piece in my workflow! I’m kinda excited, its like having new toys to play with. And sorry ahead of time, I’ll probably be posting more questions once I get stuck in my attempts. Kinda wish they focused more on the importance of a complete preparation before I graduated haha.