drawing in photoshop


does anyone know where to find tutorials about how to draw in photoshop?? i want to know how do they make such incredible drawings using photoshop, both the more realistic kind of drawing and the cartoon like, ive tried to find out my self but i just cant figure how you can make such incredible drawings on photoshop…i know it requires talent, im not asking for lessons on drawing, i just wanted to know what tools are used for what

thanks for your help:blush:


well danydrunk…u can draw on paper and scan ur image and then draw over it with photoshop i.e create layers and draw over the lines from ur paper image etc…like tracing…and color it in etc.

orrr you can purchase a wacom graphics tablet…that’ll allow u to draw directly onto photoshop…hope this helps…the same goes for drawing in flash…graphics tablet beats drawing with a mouse…i’m getting a graphics tablet next week…if ur into this stuff then consider one of those.


from my personal exp. i recomended u to download the free version of Alias Sketch Book from www.alias.com . Its an amazing
software for digital drawing with tablet. After that u can paint the skatches in Photoshop .


thanks, now at least i know some of you use a tablet for drawing, but then do most of the people use this to make the outline?? or is it better to scan your own outline drawing? which way is better??

And do you know where to find this process in detail? a web page?? or even a book??

thanks again


Seriously it depends on people. I wonder if you saw Hawk’s works in the Finished Gallery…if not you can check out his porfolio here http://hawkstudios.net/index.php
He draw on paper and scan it in Mac to paint it with PS…
Or if you are comfortable with the tablet you can try it…just do whatever you can to achieve the best,man. There’s no such one way thing :wink:


thanks man, but still, do you know where can i find the whole process of a particular drawing coloring explained, step by step?? i know that it changes from artist to artist, but i want to see at least how they make one cool drawing…I hope im explaining my self

thanks again for your help


Here is a Link to a guy wwho guys step by step and shows you how he does it…


He has some very nice talent Uses mainly dodge and burn… does everything on the computer with a tablet and like Ps 3 or some really old version heh… Hope it helps you out.


there are links on the web…try http://www.gfxartist.com/


or to give u an idea…


inked using pencil tool and black on white

notice the seperate layers that i block off for control and easy color editing. I use the top layer set to multiply…and i make sure to leave it pure black and pure white (no greys) and then with wand tool it is very is to select from this layer,and then paint on layer beneath.

the rest is just hard work learning how to use the differant painting tools and color modes


hey thanks a lot 2byts thats really cool, did you made that drawing just for the occasion??? hehe anyway thanks, is there anyone with another example??


Here is a quick break down of how I’m doing a WIP. Well, not really a WIP, but something that I’m practicing with. And it’s not exactly cartoony.

Start with a subject. I don’t have a scanner right now, so I grabbed the otyugh from the Monster Manual.

Set it to Multiply and order it to the top.
Paint a real quick-n-sleazy background.
Pick a few colours. In this case, brown, dark red, red, and black.
Block the brown in with a brush set to 100%.
Bring the brush down to 50% and block the rest in.
Nothing terribly fancy.

Brush still at 50%, add some darker shadows and junk.
Added the teeth on a separate layer.

Bring the brush down to 30% and paint some more.
Now, for some reason, I decided to add a few other things. Did this with the brush at 100%.

That’s it so far.

For some details, like teeny-tiny barely visible wrinkles in the skin, I’ll probably add another layer set to overlay and paint on that.

Other things I do:

  • use [ and ] to change brush size
  • use Alt to get the EyeDropper for quickly sampling colours from the canvas
  • have a layer with just colours to act as a mixing palette
  • if I use the Smudge tool, I make sure Spacing is off
  • turn the line layer on and off as needed
  • bring Opacity of line layer way down

Yeah, breaking up the major parts into layers like what 2byts did is a good idea. It’s a little more work at the beginning, but it just might save your posterior down the line.


hey thanks a lot, i wish more people could show how they make theyre art in photoshop, its nice to see the process, and it helps me understand better.


Thanks everyone indeed!
Hey, Stroker…I’ve long been looking for a place with many concept sketches that I can mess around with (untill my Wacom tablet arives this week (YES!)).
The monster manual is perfect! Does anybody have any other similar websites?


hey draco, have you colored any of the monsters on the monsters manual? if so, can i see it??
i colored out one myself with what i know, but i wanted to see how other people color similar things


Draco, Fine Art has tons of character line art. You’ll have to wait until they come back online, though. Another place is Feng Zhu as long as it’s personal, non-profit/commercial work.


Sweet! Thanks Stroker!
Dany…I’ve just been messing around with some of them…
I’ll actually complete one and get back here in a bit (might not be too soon…dreadfully busy).
I’ll get back ASAP!


I got started on the bugbear.
Because of the detail, like the belts and things, I broke it up into layers. Flesh on one layer, pelt + belts on another, and metal gear on yet another layer.


It’s going to be quite awhile before I get this one finished. The chain alone is going to take forever.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got, Draco.


Storker that link doesn’t work…
I too am excited to see what you have going on!

Well I realized that If I didn’t finish one of these mini-tuts soon I wouldn’t have time to get it done so this morning I sat down and pumped this out in about 2 hours…(it’s not all that great)…

Dany I hope you’re still listening…

I also use Strokers method of using a different layer for each different aspect to the image…flesh, clothes, whatever the situation calls for…

I have no web hosting abilities so I have no way of putting up these MASSIVE pics (and for that I am sorry)… If I half-size them and reduce the quality to zero then they fit…but that’d be retarded…

I’m checking with the guy that (sort of) hosts my stuff…it’s not much space so I’m always looking for more…hint hint…

Keep us posted Stroker!
You too Dany!


yes im still here, thanks for your help, im waiting to see what you guys are doing!!!


in fact im doing some drawings with what i have learned so far, when i finish them ill post them