Drawing Head and Hands by Loomis (PDF)?


Hi Folks,

Does anyone have a link to a pdf of Andrew Loomis’s “Drawing Head and Hands”



Tried http://www.saveloomis.org/ ? Lotsa books. Hope this helps, Loomis is great^_~.


Thanks dolfa!

They have the book, but in html. I know that pdfs have been made of some of loomis’ other books, I just havn’t found this one in pdf yet.


ps: I agree - Loomis is great, I have learned alot following his teaching


I was browsing Conceptart.org earlier and noticed one of their guys has been nice enough to host them for a bit.





For other Loomis fans, the above site has all of his major teaching books (rar and zip formats).

Thanks Steve! :thumbsup:



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