#Drawcember Sketchbook Thread: Philimena


Starting thread for #Drawcember. Sketches to follow!


It’s Jingle the Gingerbread Wizard!


Woman in Wind


That gingerbread man looks so happy!!! It made me smile :slight_smile:


Agreed. Feels so genuine.


They did want to build a snowman.


Thanks for the feedback, guys!


The Axeman Cometh.


Character study for an idea I’m thinking of developing further down the line.


nice character with a character!


The character study is very good, it shows you look closely at your reference. I’d love to see more of those…


Thank you.


Couldn’t get to my tablet today so I returned to my first love–plain old printer paper and a #2 pencil. Sorry for the blurry photo.


Good that you didn’t use not having a tablet as an excuse. You have a good base for a painting, make sure to check your perspective if you ever make a painting of it, bit I can aleready see that you know how to create a focal point so that is something you can keep paying attention to. Keep it up!


Yes, I didn’t have a ruler to hand and I’d thought I would just clean it up in Photoshop, which obviously didn’t happen. Thanks for the encouragement and advice!


It’s good that you don’t hesitate and try complex tasks, nice angle in last one, and you nailed it pretty well. Improving is noticeable, keep it up!


The Axeman Cometh and the most recent pencil one (The Tinkerer? He needs a name :)!) are great! Sketches with some sort of narrative are always the most interesting, even if it’s a small narrative. I hope to see more like that. The poor tree gave me a chuckle :smiley:



It’s Oltorf, the chronically depressed reindeer.


Sorry for phoning this one in-- I did start a more detailed sketch but I accidentally left it at work and didn’t have time to redo it.