Draw curve to interpret incoming sound for sound effector: Discontinued? Newer feature? Can't find


I keep seeing references to the ability to draw a custom curve to interpret the incoming sound prior to driving the effector, but just not seeing the option in R20.

The basic issue I’m trying to overcome is that the probe seems to have a built in assumption that 3dB/octave slope for incoming audio is “flat” which results in nearly any song being too heavily represented in the bass, and not enough in the treble.

What I’m not seeing, though, is WHY I can’t find the option. Was it only in earlier versions of the sound effector, and discontinued for some reason? Only in later revisions? Am I missing something? I’ve looked through every option and expandable whatnot on there multiple times, and just not seeing at all this feature mentioned in tuts.

If it’s NOT available in r20, I’m on a tight deadline, and don’t want to deal with any update issues at the moment, so is there some known way around this?


Is this possibly a use for the multi probe feature? I’ve seen it mentioned, but not really explained in a couple of tuts. I’m using step mode, so if I could create a separeate probe for each step, that would work too, but not seeing how that would works unless it just assumes 1st probe is step 1, etfc. Running some experiments now…