DragONtFLY, Denis Tolkishevsky (3D)


Fantastic! The piece lives in its details! Great work!



very nice
This is great! congrats 5 starts from me


Photoreal Render, and nice design.
Good Job Man!



interesting placement of objects around the dragonfly. it certainly shows what it’s made out of.


Amazing ! :thumbsup:


respect man! )
фирма :slight_smile:


Very good job :thumbsup:


great job! my only crit would be that the wings look too flat - i think it would look better if they had some curve to their shape.


first of all good job… very photorealistic and i love the metal it came out real good… and the wood , amazing just amazing … by the way what is the key for …?? 5 stars :slight_smile:


So beautiful and poetic! 5 stars! Great! :slight_smile:


fantastic work!


Awsome work m8…


Eh…it’s alright.
J/K that’s incredible! I’d love to see how it would move, you know, scampering around the tools and whatnot. Really great! Thanks for “exposing it on our court.” :wink:



One single word: Excellent! Like the others, great job, interesting image thanks to the rendering well made, textures are pretty good. But the most positive thing is the metallic part actually. It seems really real. But the key, what’s its goal? Is there any secret door to open? Anyway, keep it up. one thing i’ve almost forgotten. Could you put the mesh’s scene in order to have a look, a close up one!!!:thumbsup:


now this is brilliant! the details just amazed me! composition and lights - actually everything in this render - 5! :thumbsup:


beatiful, great job man :slight_smile:


excellent, the material and lighting is very realistic, I love the lense most, hehe

keep on good work man


gtsw, what an original idea! detailed bits and pieces too. looking forward for ur other surprises. juz wondering, how do u make the wings?


wow… good render… and impressive idea…


:thumbsup: Great work. With good material and
It remember as a future in the past…:thumbsup: