DragONtFLY, Denis Tolkishevsky (3D)


Title: DragONtFLY
Name: Denis Tolkishevsky
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

The first variant of this work I have made in 2006 for competition spent on one of Russian websites. Recently has decided to alter it, something has added, something has removed, has changed materials and render. And now I expose it on your court.


This render looks very well made. Nice work on the lighting and texturing. The modeling looks really detailed with all of the little pieces on the machine. It almost seem like it could almost be an old toy. I can’t find anything really wrong with this render, except that there is a mecanical dragonfly.:smiley:

What was your lighting set up on this? How long did it take to compleat? Nice work!


Nice lighting and texture use. The mechincal dragon fly adds a sense of sci-fi too. Cool job.


excellent render,and a very good mechanical design on the dragonfly.
Im assuming its just a single vray light in the window?


Very very nice! The lightning, texture and render is very great. My only crit is the wire in the upper left corner seem a bit angular.


wow thats awsome. i think the render is great although it can use little more depth of field and some film noise. also may be some light color variation. but great work over all. :thumbsup:


This is great! congrats 5 starts from me :applause:


Amazingly done, :thumbsup:

How many hours you spent doing this?


Nice concept of the Dragon Fly! Awesome! Pure Fantasy! :slight_smile:


Very well done!
Amazing details in modeling and texturing!
Great lighting too… I love this picture.
Your concept is awesome… Keep it
up! almost 5*


super work !

5 stars !




very solid work ! :thumbsup: overall look very fine ! and the model is just great !


Nice picture! great shaders and lighting, and my only critic is in the middle part, I see very flat, dark and weird. Nice modelling too!


Really impressive work - i especially like the metallic shaders.
Great job, high grade - 5 stars.


hey superb work man,way to go,i really like the detail and the render is really good too:)

which renderer did you use ?


5 stars :slight_smile:


By all thank for good responses, I am glad that you liked my dragonfly. For visualization I used Vray, in a stage one Vray light + HDR on an environment. Work I made about 3 weeks, in free time.


Extraordinary that entire circumstances exaggerates is true. The model and lamp light are all very good , I think of dragonfly’s wing if still mechanical few of energy’s words will be much better


amazing details :thumbsup: